Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here's A Quote For You!

You know how these anethesia people are always saying that Versed is an analgesic?  They act like if you don't have Versed, you will be in all this PAIN?  Well, get a load of this...  "Furthermore, the antianalgesic effects of midazolam might worsen pain and increase the incidence of nonspecific agitation that resembles ED (75). "  Here's the link  Emergence Delirium in Children: Many Questions, Few Answers

I know it's a study about children, but the drug is the same in children as in adults.  The "lawsuit prevention" nurse where *I* went (called a "patient relations" nurse, another misuse of the English language by medical 'professionals') claimed and I quote "The meds make you scream."  That fits with the above doesn't it?  Midazolam/Versed has ANTIANALGESIC EFFECTS.  Versed EXACERBATES PAIN!  How wonderful.  Why would medical personnel give us such a dastardly drug?  I just cannot fathom why medical caregivers would deliberately give us a drug which INCREASES PAIN, hoping that amnesia will hide it!  What a nasty, dirty trick!

No wonder people like "Matt" talk about "very painful" procedures!  They are using a drug to make the experience even more painful!   Dorothy's (so-called "patient relations" nurse where I went) comments on the subject make more sense in light of the revelation in the article linked above.  I still stand by my statement to Dorothy; PAIN IS WHAT MAKES PATIENTS SCREAM!  Versed makes the procedure MORE PAINFUL, hence more screaming.  How is it possible that these erudite, 'educated' people can't make a connection like this?  (Nurse Dorothy could have cared less about the screaming. It was amazing how callous she was about it.  Sure, no big deal, (yawn) patients are screaming their heads off in pain.  Who cares, it's just the meds.  What patient approves of this mindset?  I certainly do NOT!)

We all know the answer to the question of why medical people can't make the connection between a drug which has antianalgesic properties and screaming patients, don't we?  It's because Versed makes their job so much easier!  THE PATIENT DOES NOT MATTER!!!!  These people don't give a damn about us!  It seems so obvious to me!  In my opinion using the antianalgesic Versed with its unpredictable amnesia effects, especially without proper informed consent, is tantamount to legalized torture. 

And I'm not talking about all the post Versed problems!  I'm just speaking to the exaggerated pain patients go through for the benefit of their medical workers.

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