Sunday, September 16, 2012

Medicare Billing FRAUD!

Here is a really good article about medicare billing fraud.  How Doctors and Hospitals Have Collected Billions in Questionable Medicare Fees | NationofChange  I have already talked about the expensive (cough) "consultations" which are nothing more than a few minute office visit with some coercion thrown in for good measure.  I have gone on at LENGTH about the stunning claim from medical workers, crna's in particular, that "supervision" is only a MEDICARE BILLING PLOY!  They claim that they "suffer" no supervision at all, that the LAW is simply a way to bilk medicare for a supervisor which was never there.  They proudly proclaim this little fraud all over the internet.  Our government must be so incompetent that they deserve to be ripped off by medical workers EXCEPT that they are using our tax dollars to pay off these cheats!

SEDATION via Versed is the biggest ripoff of all!  This nasty brain poison adds THOUSANDS of dollars to each and every simple little procedure done in this country.  It also has been shown to cause mental deterioration in elderly patient.  Hmmm.  What "insurance" might these elderly people be using by and large?  Why it's MEDICARE!  So now we get to send these poor people whose brains have been fried by Versed to a nursing home.  Who pays for that? Why it's MEDICARE again!  It ain't cheap either!  I looked into one for my uncle near me...  It's a lovely facility, unlike the ones I've heard about, but it's $5,800 a MONTH for a shared room, with medical expenses and other misc. added on for good measure. 

Maybe some of those 16,500 new IRS agents tasked with enforcing the provisions of the Obamatax in the UNaffordable Care Act can go after these drug pushers, liars and medicare cheats?

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