Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Little Paragraph

Here's a little paragraph from a blog I like;  MD Whistleblower  As much as I like the blogger, sometimes I read something that is very scary.  Scary when I was LEAST expecting it.  Here's what he says about sedation.  We all know what 'sedation' he's talking about don't we?

"I recall a science teacher whose prior occupation was serving as a commander of a nuclear submarine. Even years later, his secrets remained tightly held, despite my gentle entreaties. He was, to borrow a phrase, a tomb of confidentiality. Perhaps, the sedation I would be administering prior to a future colonic violation might loosen his tongue. Oh, the secrets I've extracted in the endoscopy suite!  Relax, patients. What's uttered in the endoscopy suite, stays in the endoscopy suite, our own version of the Vegas Rules."

I don't know about you, but I am very alarmed and unhappy about this revelation, 'Vegas Rules' be damned.  This doc whom I previously liked and trusted just demolished my whole opinion of him.  This doctor looks hopefully towards 'sedating' his patient so as to extract secrets from him.  OMG this makes my skin crawl.  Then to go on and CROW about the secrets he's extracted in the endoscopy suite, this is just unconscionable.  Totally outside the realm of decent behavior.  "Relax, patients."  Are you freakin kidding me?  Who could be 'relaxed' (a word with evil connotations for me after my Versed debacle) with the idea that your friendly health care provider is going to seize the moment of your complete vulnerability to extract secrets for their own creepy curiosity? 

We have zero privacy anymore, not even in our thoughts and minds because medical people are doing things like this to us.  Versed should be banned.  How many 'secrets' have been compromised by unscrupulous medical workers like this guy.  This is horrifying.  This doc has NO RIGHT to deliberately access things which this poor man had no intentions of divulging.  Sickening.  You all know that this is part of what medical workers like about Versed.  They can knock out the censorship in a person with Versed and violate the sanctity of the patients mind.  It matters not to me what is done with the information, rather that such information is obtained in this sneaky, dare I say EVIL way.  NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior. 


  1. I regret any offense you rec'd, but I suggest that you profoundly misinterpreted the post. I am surprised at the intensity of your response. Indeed if you read the post in its entirety, and the blog, I presume that you and readers would have a different impression. Do you truly stand by your response?

  2. Can you please elaborate? I have enjoyed your blog very much and was startled to read this paragraph to say the least. I would guess you can tell by the tone of this blog I am very unhappy about being subjected to this drug(POISON)Versed. I would love to hear your take on all of this. I am very serious Doctor. I have other web sites linked on here that state that Versed would be very useful for torture and information gathering. Still other web sites tell about the "loopy" things patients do under the influence of this horror drug. This freaks me out. I hate the whole idea of Versed as much as I hated my own response to it.

    I have been told that the intensity of my response(s) and my endless reporting on what this drug is, what it does and the ramifications of using it on an unsuspecting population is part of PTSD. Which I aquired in a medical treatment center for a broken wrist. Brought on by the needless assault on my mind with Versed.

    I apologise profusely to you if the above mentioned paragraph isn't what you meant, or conversely, isn't what *I* interpreted it to mean. Believe me when I tell you that you are one of the last people I would have expected to write something like this.

    Can you please tell me what you meant by this sentence "Oh, the secrets I've extracted in the endoscopy suite!" What do you mean by this? EXTRACTING SECRETS? Like a dentist extracts teeth? Just pulling things out of a disinhibited, drugged up patient's brain against their will? Can you see how this would be upsetting?

    Prefaced by this statement "Perhaps, the sedation I would be administering prior to a future colonic violation might loosen his tongue." The SEDATION is going to make this circumspect gentleman babble on and on about all his secrets isn't it? Surely you can see how ALARMING this is, especially to private people? I can hardly stand the thought. Sorry, this is really REALLY bad in my opinion. How humiliating. How horrifying to be that out of control, spilling the beans about things I would never, ever talk about, just for the edification of the staff? How awful. Words fail to tell how I feel about this. I don't feel safe with Versed around.

    Please explain. I've been having a hard time with this whole Versed thing as you can see. I don't find anything about Versed and its effects amusing. Especially not the complete lack of censorship and the uninhibited vocalizing of secrets. I don't like the zombie like obedience against my will. I don't like the lack of coordination. I don't like being able to speak only gibberish. I don't like the feeling of being trapped in a body that will only obey a snotty crna and not me! I don't like the total lack of respect for patients following a Versed injection. I don't like the feeling of my brain over reacting to being drugged. The racing thoughts, the sweaty palms, the hyper vigilence while my body remains immobilized, the feeling of complete helpessness before uncaring medical people who think no more of me than they do a petri dish. I DON'T like the irrational thing that is PTSD! Well, now I'm all worked up and I need to sleep. The motoring public likes me to be alert.

    I hope you will explain your statements. I will absolutely put up your response.

  3. I see moderation is needed on this abusive practitioner's site, so this will probably not be published there

    However, his admission "Oh, the secrets I've extracted in the endoscopy suite!" is utterly reprehensible. This is such a disgrace, I certainly hope the rest of the medical profession is not as bad as that one.

    Trouble is, the rest of them almost certainly are at least as bad. Thanks to that MD for restoring a necessary level of cynicism regarding that lot - and I think my entire dealings with them now need to be recorded, since they are clearly below even a smallest amount of trust.

    Frankly, all their sessions should be taped and given to the patients as they leave. MDs are clearly not to be trusted.

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    1. WOW, how can I "relax" in a medical setting after reading that statement ? Thanks, Doc, for instilling in me even more fear and mistrust of doctors ! PLEASE EXPLAIN