Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pelvic Exams On Anesthetized Women

We seem to be having a problem among medical workers.  They are viewing us as living cadavers and perpetrating sexual assaults upon us, while we are unaware.  This must stop.  These bodies belong to US and we are paying these people OBSCENE amounts of money to help us.  Using us in such a vile way is inexcusable. 

The ethics of conducting a pelvic exam on an anesthetized woman

These UNinformed consent forms bear part of the responsibility.  In every single one of these documents I have perused, there is always a clause or two about allowing "anybody the doctor directs," "anything the doctor deems necessary" or something about allowing others to observe.  Did you know that this allows anybody at all to expose your vagina and dig around in it, in front of of anybody who wants to watch?  Drug reps, device reps, the janitor?  Did you know that your sedation for a toe bunion can be used to hide the fact that people are doing pelvic exams on you?  Remember that amnesia and "cooperation" are the main components of sedation with Versed.  They will tell you to spread your legs and you will do so.  Then they can claim that because you spread your legs for them, that you wanted it.  You won't remember it anyway, (probably, but not necessarily) so ANY humiliation is just fine with them. 

Just so you know, this is rape.  It doesn't matter if it's medical people or some maniac.  Sticking foreign objects, fingers and the like into a woman's body without her consent is rape.  Look it up.  Do you see anything in the LAW about this being OK if the woman is anesthetized?  The informed consent document which doesn't SPECIFY what is going to be done and by whom isn't a legal consent.  So the phony little clauses that medical workers like to point to ARE ILLEGAL!  This turns informed consent on it's head! 

When are patients going to be able to defend themselves, their bodies and their minds against this kind of rapist mentality.  When are we going to get true INFORMED consent?  You know, the ones which document what they can and cannot do, and by whom.  Why are these people being allowed to do this kind of thing? 

I already know that medical people were playing with my exposed crotch or I wouldn't have gotten a kidney infection when (according to the patient relations, lawsuit mitigation nurse) I never had a catheter.  I guess I'm to imagine that they let me pee all over myself when they illegally gave me general anesthetic?  Yeah right.  I'm not that stupid.  How many people had access to my vagina etc. while I was under?  Who knows?  This has to stop.  Suppose some person who was fingering my privates decided that a hysterectomy was "medically necessary?"  Would I have woken up to discover that I had been gutted?  According to the misleading and unlawful "informed consent" I signed, this would have been perfectly fine.  WOW!  Did I get lucky or what? 

I could have gone in for a simple bone break in my wrist area and awakened to find that I had no female parts left!  I mean, I already got sedation which I had refused.  I got general anesthetic which I had refused.  I got anesthesia performed by a NURSE which I would certainly have refused.  I got a botched surgery performed by who knows who, which was so bad it required corrective surgery by somebody else.  I would have refused to allow whoever that was to perform the surgery.   So all the way along people were doing things to me which I had refused, passed off to people who I wouldn't have allowed to touch me and in general treated me as an expendable piece of medical equipment, IE the living cadaver.  Then they charged me for the assault.

If medical people want to treat us like this then they need to pay US!  They also need to get permission for all of this stuff, the SPECIFICS.  PRIOR to the injection of Versed. 

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