Monday, September 3, 2012

I LOVE These Posts!

Here's another post about the patient assaulting their medical provider after being injected with Versed!  I will be doing this as well, if some fool decides that he/she "knows what's best" for me again.  Judging by my murderous rage the last time when I was AMBUSHED with Versed, the next time I will know the score and respond with violence well ahead of what I displayed in the PACU.  Don't-give-me-Versed and we will get along fine!  I won't tolerate any more abuse. 

I grabbed it from here;  Colonoscopy blog: Do you want conscious sedation?

Here's the quote for you if you don't want to go over to the linked article.  There are LOTS  more!

Anonymous said...
I made the mistake of trusting the endo doc who did my colonoscopy; she promised "only a tiny dose of Versed" nad only if I asked for it. I signed the consent and: wham...she squirts 4mg into my IV and it was the most horrible experience..I was imobile and in severe pain, then I got very agitated and combative.......My memory was damaged by this drug, but the doctor ended upwith a black eye (from me) and the exam was not they won't get paid...later, my wife and I met with this doctor (she had a nice shiner, complete with steri-strips) and she apologized for the Versed (as a patient control drug) which was inappropriate. My wife asked: "my husband has been your patient for 10 years, why did you lie to him about the Versed sedation?"..No answer. My wife said: "I hope that your black eye and broken eye orbit hurts like heck" (I don't remember hitting her)...but she deserved it.

To quote (name removed) "HAHAHAHAHA!"  I love it!  Sorry for finding amusement in another person's injuries, but I was ATTACKED by the medical profession and kicked in the head with Versed.  Then they had their way with me, including sub standard, actually harmful surgery, a kidney infection and a whopping bill that there was no way for me to pay!  Not to mention counseling and drug therapy for treatment of my hospital induced PTSD!  This doc DESERVED IT!  Don't abuse us, follow the law, don't give us quack drugs that we don't want...  There are lots of ways to avoid the above scenario.  Use them medical people.  The life you save may be your own.  (Yeah I know it's a trite cliche, but it works here!) LOL and a giggle or two!

PS, I've found that if I tell the story about my raging in the PACU after the Versed debacle, with a tone of shock and wonder, medical people forgive me.  They are surprised that a nice lady like me could actually act like that!  They assure me that they would never, EVER try to give me Versed.   That's all I want.  That's all the poster quoted above wanted.

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