Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Stuff From an Askapatient Reviewer

I got some e-mails from the lady who wrote this review of Versed on 

1 cataract surgeryGot Versed+morphine IV for cataract surgery. I was totally aware of the cataract surgery and absolutely terrified (though the surgery itself was not bad) -- awful experience. I was slowed down and near immobilized but coming-unglued anxious and doing all I could to not come totally unglued and cooperate with surgery. Sheer terror.what made me the angriest is when I got the second cataract surgery and an anesthesiologist tried to bully me into taking it again, saying I hadn't gotten enough. I absolutely refused and the second surgery was fine. Worst drug I ever took.F61
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She has kindly allowed me to reproduce some of what she says here;

The anesthesiologist the 2nd time made me furious, and unfortunately he is the HEAD GUY not only at this place but at a number of centers around town.

I do feel fortunate that the surgeon and his assistants were kind and meticulous and I didn't have any of the horrible, disrespectful and cruel experiences that others have had. And having read in advance, I was not surprised by either wetness around my eye or the purple and black "light show" I saw (microscope light and stuff) during the surgery.

But I sure am worried about any future procedures and getting what I want at that time.  Reading about propofol on askapatient is not too reassuring, and I think  (not sure) I would rather just get valium or ativan, but that could be quite difficult. Sigh.  (I would be interested in what thoughts you have about propofol if and when you have time.)

Thanks for making your experiences and those of others known.  I was shocked by the exchanges on the CRNA message board you pointed to, it shows that bad attitudes are incredibly common and unfortunately typical, which again worries me. After my experience I ordered several books used to train medical personnel about sedation and they absolutely tend to omit a lot of what can occur.

I knew I was not doing well and if someone had ever even asked me how I was doing, I'd have told them so (too immobilized to take any initiative though).  I'm stunned that there is no acknowledgement that people can react differently to this drug as to MANY others and that this needs to be allowed for and respected.


  1. I just typed a comment but it didn't take. In 2010 I was having major knee surgery and at the presurgical physical was asked for consent to a pelvic exam while I was under. I was mortified they were even asking this as again I was having knee surgery to realign the patella and cauterize the muscles near it to keep it in place. I spent the next week worrying if they would do a pelicc even though I said no. I told them I had enough to worry about. I can't even see a woman dr because I have severe PTSD from childhood sexual trauma. I seriously couldn't believe that I was being asked about a pelvic for KNEE surgery.

  2. I can't see why they would ask somebody to do this. Just because you need surgery it shouldn't mean that you are used as a training device. I guess they think of us as living cadavers and as long as you are unconscious, no degradation is too much to ask. I'm horrified for you! And for me! Next time try calling the risk management part of the hospital or surgery center and find out if you MUST submit to this. My most recent incident was about not allowing trainees to work on me. I crossed it out, they did it anyway and come to find out, they don't care what you crossed out. They are a TEACHING HOSPITAL and no matter what you say, they will do what they want. Including the photos, videos etc. of you, even invasive procedures. You would think that informed consent laws would protect us from this kind of abuse, but for some unknown reason they don't.

    I hope everything went well.