Saturday, September 8, 2012

PANIC Sets In!

I was checking up on the crna Aaron, the crna who is completely responsible for the existence of this blog, and guess what?  He has moved to my city!  Just when I thought I was safe, I read that he has moved to my new state AND my city.  I am panic stricken!  This man must NEVER, EVER touch me again, or in any way be responsible for any kind of care in regards to me. 

I can't seem to find out which hospital(s) he works at or what group he is working under.  We need some kind of laws so that we can track these people who are responsible for injecting us with poison against our will, lying to us, and treating us in an illegal and unlawful manner.  I never want to even hear his voice!  I heard his voice ridiculing me after he smashed into my brain with his 'vitamin v' the 'simple muscle relaxer.'  I'll never forget the smirk on his face as he deliberately and maliciously drugged me against my will.  NEVER!

Unfortunately my daughter is attending a good school here and I can't move for 3 more years.  A crna should not cause this kind of fear and loathing in his patients.  Panic City! 

This crna person also went to the same college as my daughter was planning to attend for 2 years!  This will have to change as well.  Since my kid will only be 16 when she graduates with her AA degree, that means that I must MOVE so that she can be at home with her parents until she finishes her her BA and turns 18.  I don't think she will want to leave home at 18 either because she wants to go to college for a number of years and get several  PhD's all of which cost lots of money. 

All this drama to avoid a rogue crna who is intent on defying patient wishes and imposing his will upon them.  I can't risk being injured by or subjected to this horrible crna again.  I realize that there is only a very slim chance of encountering this particular man, but the nature of PTSD is that being rational about the root cause of the illness is impossible.  I KNOW it's irrational, but the fear is real.  If he would treat me like pond scum because I was "just a truck driver" albeit a "pleasant woman in no distress" what will he do to me now?  I can't risk it. 

I wonder if my gp can put in my chart that Aaron can't work on me in any circumstance?  Do you think that the hospital would go along with this directive?  Or would they just claim some exigent circumstance to avoid my following my wishes?  I mean, it didn't do me a damn bit of good to refuse sedation or g/a with Aaron!  He went right on ahead with his notion of what HE wanted me to have.  What in the world would make me think that refusing to allow this nurse access to me would make a single bit of difference at a hospital?

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