Sunday, August 26, 2012

The $800 An Hour NURSE!!!???

I think most people have never looked at their medical billing.  Or maybe they don't realize that they had a NURSE, not a doctor for their anesthesia.  At any rate according to *my* billing, my crna's each got around $800 an hour.  800  DOLLARS AN HOUR!  This is for the same little nurses who claim they don't have time to answer your questions or explain the medications they plan to use on you.  Can you BELIEVE it?  You are paying these people 800 dollars an hour and they can't/won't use a single minute of the expensive time that WE are paying for to follow the law? 

These are the same $800 an hour NURSES who don't want to be bothered with their patients.  They want your brain destroyed with Versed at their earliest possible convenience so that they don't have to actually RELATE to the person who is paying them 800 bucks an hour.  For 800 dollars an hour I will kiss your patooty, trust me.  Not them!  Oh Hell to the NO!  I guess that they are doing us the FAVOR of charging us $800 an hour to be abused by the likes of them. 

No anesthesia nurses, you are not doing us a favor when we have to pay such an OUTRAGEOUS FEE for a damn nurse!  You do us no favor by conking us in the head with Versed either.  You are doing YOURSELF a favor by using this drug.  Why should we as patients do you the favor of allowing you to reduce us to gibbering, quivering jellyfish when we are PAYING you to take care of us?  I could maybe see it if you poor little overworked darlings were doing this for free...  I don't feel I owe you people any favors, and my brain is too important to me to allow a patient control and possible amnesia drug to be used on me for any reason.  YOU COULDN'T PAY ME ENOUGH TO ALLOW THIS!  Let alone force me to pay YOU for it! 

We are being forced to PAY an enormous amount of money to have our brain damaged by snotty little nurses who refuse to follow patient rights law.  These 800 dollar an hour nurses don't feel that they are paid enough to answer our questions.  These 800 dollar an hour nurses aren't paid enough to follow our instructions.  These 800 dollar an hour nurses feel that we are too stupid to understand anything, but they sure figure we are smart enough to earn that 800 dollars an hour that they are charging.  These 800 dollar an hour nurses can't find the TIME for us even when we are paying them that much money!  What good are they?   (I don't see any savings involved with having an anesthesia NURSE as opposed to getting an actual physician...)

So anyway, while we mere mortals are busy earning 800 dollars a WEEK, these nurses feel justified in raking that in for a ONE HOUR charge!  Not only that, but they feel that they are underpaid, and they seem to hate the patients who keep them in the lap of luxury!  Top it off with patient abuse and lawless behavior and you can see why I'm angry.  I'm sorry but there is no NURSE who is worth this kind of money.  Not even a crna. Of course this is just my opinion, but it is shared by many, many people who have been abused and ripped off by this particular medical profession.

 Just for comparison, I get 941.20 a week before taxes on a 40 hour week as a truck driver.  Don't even try to tell me that *I* don't hold people's lives in my hands every single minute of every single day that I am piloting 100,000 pounds of steel rolling at freeway speeds!  I remain polite, I yield the right of way, I slow down to allow people to merge, even though I could squash them like a bug and the law is on my side...  Unlike our esteemed anesthesia nurses, I follow the law and then some.  I don't deliberately hit people just because they drive like maniacs.  I can't tell you how many lives I've saved by not allowing crazy motorists to get into a wreck with me.  People do stupid things in their cars all the time!   (I could write a book)  Don't these 800 dollar an hour nurses have the same work ethic as I do?   With their pathology, most (but not all) of these nurses would never make it as a truck driver.  They would kill people.  Yet they feel that they deserve 800 dollars an hour for their bad behavior in a medical setting.  Go figure.

PS I am a construction truck driver.  I only work during the months when the weather cooperates.  I have to try to save enough money to get through the winters when the snow flies.  Since our current administration has been in power, construction jobs have plummeted along with my earnings.  Good luck suing me for anything like these anesthesia nurses have threatened from time to time.  Rich 800 dollar an hour nurses say they want to sue me for daring to criticize them and their drug of choice Versed!  I'm entitled to my opinion just like they are entitled to their opinion of us as stupid, insufferably ignorant, low functioning patients.

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