Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Word: Contumacious

I found a new word to describe the behavior of medical workers who like to inject unsuspecting patients with Versed.  Often they do this against the precise instructions of the patient.  They inject us without informed consent.  They make false statements about the effects, side effects and the exact nature of this drug.  They get belligerent and abusive if we discuss our bad experience with their (cough) wonder drug.

I m very pleased to present the word 'contumacious' into my blog to describe the behavior of medical workers.  I have exhausted my current supply of multi syllabic words so this 'contumacious" is a real jewel. 

Contumacious - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This word is often used in court proceedings to show 'contempt of court."  I will be using it to show the attitude of medical workers towards patients.  By LAW, we patients are the judge of what we find acceptable.  We patients hold the authority to determine if Versed is used.  These medical workers are in contempt of both their patients and the law.  They willfully and illegally use Versed against us in a medical setting.  They are contumacious.

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