Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Contradiction

I have had some crna's verbal me (so to speak) for suggesting that Versed is NOT the same as Valium.  One of them actually argued with me in this thread;  This is unreal. You have to see it.  Look for armygas.  I have no problems with Valium.  I have huge problem with Versed.  I have stated that Versed is to Valium as heroin is to poppy seed bagels.  Same family but different.  With that said, YOU ANESTHESIA PEOPLE CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

Look at this statement;  "For question #2, definitely tell them you are allergic to Versed with swelling, breathing difficulties and hives. They will give you something else (if you need it). Valium is different from Midazolam so you shouldn't have an allergic reaction to it."

That quote is from here;  Anesthesiology: Spine fusion, degenerative disc disease, dr levy

So now we have an anesthesiologist stating that Valium IS different from Versed!  What the bloody HELL!  One minute Versed is "just like Valium" the next minute oh, no, Valium is DIFFERENT from Versed.  Of course it is.  Look at the molecular structure of each of these drugs.  Clearly they are different.  If they weren't then medical practitioners wouldn't be so sinisterly intent on using Versed instead of Valium. 

So as you can see, medical people will try to debate the issue on either side of the argument, so long as Versed the wonder drug is not denigrated.  Valium doesn't cause amnesia, especially in the doses that Versed does.  Valium apparently doesn't imbue the patient with an "anti-conflict" desire.  I don't know if Valium has an anti analgesic property, but I've NEVER heard of Valium treated patients screaming in pain.  I imagine that Valium allows patients to interact with the anesthesia provider, and because they don't have amnesia, their providers supply pain relief medications instead of ignoring them and their pain.

LOL How freakin' stupid do you anesthesia people think we patients are?  Never mind, don't answer that, I already know how you people view us.  It was a rhetorical question anyway.

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