Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Scientific Study: Benzo's Cause Dementia!

A fellow sufferer sent me an e-mail in reference to this article:  Anxiety Drug Use May Boost Dementia Risk (as much as 60%!!!)  So after all the screams and howls of denial from our lazy narcissistic medical drug pushers (did I leave anything out?) at last some medical people ADMIT that the use of benzo's for anxiety actually causes dementia later on.  Wonder why they even did a study on this?  Could it be that a few medical workers (the ones without the Versed lover addiction) NOTICED what we have been saying all along?  That Versed in particular, in this benzo class, is creating memory problems and unusual behavior? 

I am not a medical person.  I have never had any formal training in the medical or drug fields.  How is it that *I* and others like me that have had a severe reaction to Versed have arrived at the same conclusion that scientists (finally!) have?  It's because, unlike medical (ahem) professionals that have a BIAS that prevents them from using critical thinking in regards to Versed, we trust our own experience.  You know and *I* know that Versed caused unusual mental problems along the lines of PTSD.  We KNOW that this drug disrupted the orderly progression of our thoughts.  We KNOW that Versed created a heightened sense of danger and high anxiety in our previously mundane lives.  So why is it that those people responsible for injecting this poison have NEVER, EVER seen anybody react badly to Versed?  Hint: They have, they just can't accept the truth.  They don't WANT to deal with cognizant people, so they can and will destroy people's lives in order to make their own easier.  They have no shame.

Apparently none of these highly educated (so they say) medical folks have taken a step back from their Versed reliance and thought to themselves, "Say, all these patients can't be wrong!  I might be harming my patients by depending so heavily on this class of drugs!"  They don't appear to ever doubt themselves or to question medical dogma.  They seem to lack extrapolation skills, so necessary in most people's lives.  They truly cannot see that we patients are right, especially about their precious Versed?  What would cause this unenlightened, callous attitude in medical practitioners?  I can't fathom it.  For me, knowing that I was personally causing this much damage in the very people I was tasked with helping would send me into a depression. 

So for all you medical people who have been reviling me, ridiculing me, calling me names, threatening me with all manner of harm, both physical and financial, I am right!  I have been right all along about Versed.  I have arrived at the correct conclusion about Versed vis a vis dementia and Alzheimer's-like symptoms.  I was right all along!  And I'm not even a trained medical person.  How does that make you feel?  The dumb truck driver and all the rest of us productive members of society that you people have such disdain for ARE RIGHT!  You medical people are WRONG about the safety of Versed, the drug YOU can't live without!  How do you like me now? 

Medical people:  QUESTION the current thinking on Versed! (and the rest of the benzo's)  Use your mind!  Look at the evidence that is right before your eyes!  Medicine isn't a done deal.  It is always evolving and you need to evolve with it.  Especially with the brain poisoning drugs which you are now using.  NOBODY understands the brain, don't be so sanguine about destroying it with drugs.  Recognise how much you don't know.  Use your powers of observation.  Extrapolate!  Trust your own conclusions as they pertain to the idiotic medical reasoning shown by others.  Take a step outside the box, like the doctors in the link above.  Your patients are depending on you.

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