Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Security and Versed

In light of my previous post, I want to say something to all those people involved in government security.  I'm talking about military, ex-military, undercover cops, CIA, FBI, DOJ, the state department, anybody who works at the pentagon, area 51, the underground facilities at the Denver airport, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Lockheed, the Lawrence Livermore Lab, etc. DON'T LET ANYBODY GIVE YOU VERSED/MIDAZOLAM!  (I deliberately left out TSA, they are worthless as far as I can tell.  Maybe medical workers can find out about all the stealing...)

I am serious about this.  Our medical workers are taking a very light hearted view of "extracting secrets" during "sedation."  I have long held that they are doing this, and it has been recently confirmed.  So much for my "paranoia!"  It isn't just sexual fantasies and other escapades they are privy to!  They are digging up information from the depths of peoples minds in an outrageous invasion of privacy.  I can hardly wait until I find something about the Gitmo 'detainees' being given Versed.  No wonder they found Bin Laden, huh?  State secrets could be blabbed about in a busy medical facility and who knows how many people would hear it.  Then they take it home and in a scandalized tone, tell their wife, husband, drinking buddies etc.  Next thing you know, it's all over the news.  People could get KILLED FOR THIS!!! 

I want to point out that I as an honorary member of the Dolphin Base,  I have enjoyed hobnobbing with (arguably) THE FINEST military men on the planet for about 30 years.  As General Shwarzkopf said during Desert Storm "We never discuss submarines."  Submarine deployment, capabilities etc are not for us to bandy about.  It's a serious matter of national security.  My submarine men would never willingly reveal certain things about what goes on with their boats.  Not even the WWII guys discuss where they went and what they did, if the brass said NO!  Some went to their graves with this information!  So what does it say about medical workers who use this brain poison on a daily basis on just about everybody who walks in order to access the contents of any one's mind?  Do you really think that they are all benign and are only looking for light entertainment?  What does all this mean for national security?

As I told the FBI when I turned in my medical treatment facility for medical FRAUD, do not let anybody near you with 'sedation' for any reason if you have any valuable information pertaining to state secrets.  You WILL BE COMPROMISED!  Ditto if you are an undercover police agent.  (among other things)Your cover will be blown, and possibly the wrong people will get wind of it.  If any medical people are dealing drugs on the side, they might be inclined to have you taken out.  This Versed could have disastrous consequences for our undercover forces. 

I am urging anybody who works with secrets to be very careful about medical treatment.  These medical minions can and will drug you and ferret out anything you don't wish to divulge.  You probably won't even remember it!  Their cavalier attitude towards this breach is shocking, and I truly believe that this is a national security issue.  Don't trust anybody with your compliant, uncensored, and amnestic mind.  Don't believe these people when they tell you Versed is only to relax you.  This is THE most diabolical drug ever invented and medical people want to use it ON YOU!  That way they can have unfettered access to the entire contents of your mind.  Can you imagine anything much worse?

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