Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Think You Are LIARS! (Today's rant)

It used to be the medical practitioners were held in the highest esteem. As an older person I grew up idolizing Marcus Welby. Not to mention that hunk James Brolin! My own stepfather who is a Dr. solidified this perception of a doctor, with a wonderful support staff of caring nurses and office personnel. When my femur was kicked in two by a horse, the surgeon I went to wasn't perfect (I had 3 surgeries to deal with rotational instability) but he was caring and concerned as was everybody at his office. Ditto the staff at Dominican hospital. So what happened?

It isn't just the wholesale assault on our brains with Versed is it? Nope, it's the ATTITUDE of health care now. Seems to me that the whole damn thing (health care) has become an "every man for himself" free for all! We patients are lied to daily, are coaxed, coerced or otherwise harassed into having dubious "treatments," "screenings" or dangerous drugs at every turn. Nobody gives a damn about the patient do they?

Medical people routinely dismiss patient rights LAW, feeling that they are superior all-knowing Gods who can't be bothered with pedestrian things like the LAW! We have all kinds of rights, like the right to know the RISKS, BENEFITS, AND ALTERNATIVES to any kind of intervention and the RIGHT TO SAY NO to any part or all of it. How is it that we are never told of things like VERSED/MIDAZOLAM and its long term effects on memory and emotional stability? The most common procedure for getting Versed seems to be colonoscopies. Do we even really need a colonoscopy as a screening tool? For a normal asymptomatic person, the RISKS of the procedure far outweigh the benefits! In my opinion. Just read up on it yourself. We are being lied to by the medical community, using scare tactics to gain compliance.

Why can't we decline Versed without starting world war 3? Anybody who has followed this blog KNOWS how nasty medical workers can be. The juvenile name calling and filthy language. The sneering, jeering gang of bullying medical workers can make your life miserable, while claiming the moral high ground. What a laugh! Why would anybody trust gangsters like these people? They use a drug instead of a gun to rob us blind, but the end result can be the same. PTSD and an empty wallet.

There is nothing you can do because contrary to the LIE about malpractice hurting the medical community, malpractice awards are almost nonexistent in this country. Ask anybody you know if they personally know of one single person who has been killed or harmed BY MEDICINE that had a SUCCESSFUL malpractice suit prosecuted against the offender. Newspaper articles don't count. It's all just another scam dreamed up by medical people who wish to have ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for their sometimes sub standard and sometimes UNLAWFUL care.

What about the ubiquitous flu vaccine? Every year we are treated to fear mongering about the new flavor of the month flu virus. THIS TIME it's the killer flu and we will all die, unless we subject ourselves to the RISK of yet another flu vaccine. It's costly and unnecessary as far as I can tell. People die all the time from stuff. If people die without having the flu vaccine those deaths are put into the "flu" column in order to skew the numbers and insure a steady flow of money into Merck or whatever pharmaceutical markets the drug. Prove me wrong! Look at the stats on all these "flu deaths" and you will see that they almost invariably had stage 4 cancer or some OTHER life threatening health problem as well! Most of them WEREN'T EVEN TESTED FOR THE FLU and yet their death was attributed to the killer flu. Flu shots are made in China no doubt, so who knows what's in them? Tainted drugs are in the news a lot these days.

What about the Thimerasol preservative in vaccines? I knew Thimerasol was bad news 35 years ago when I had a reaction to contact lens solution that contained Thimerasol! My optometrist knew exactly what the problem was all those decades ago! It's a huge shock to the medical community in the 21st century to find that Thimerasol is in the vaccines and could be causing reactions in people?????? Give me a break! This is either a big fat lie, OR it's a matter of supreme indifference, take your pick.

The HPV vaccine that a Republican governor/presidential candidate mandated has caused all kinds of misery. Not only are the potential reactions severe, the vaccine itself doesn't protect against all strains of the virus and is UNPROVEN to stop one single case of cancer. Not one. Read the studies and articles about this debacle! So they lied to us again. They said it was safe and effective. Neither claim is true as far as I can see.

One minute an egg will kill you and the next it's beneficial. Regular blood pressure is now HIGH blood pressure that must be medicated. Otherwise you will die of heart failure, kidney failure and all the rest. Fat is bad, some fat is good. Cholesterol will kill you or you need it for your body to function. You must irradiate your breasts every year or you are at risk of not finding breast cancer. Never mind that all that radiation could cause breast cancer itself. There is no end to the intrusive and dangerous "screenings" that medical people would like to subject you to. No end to the dangerous medications to which you will be subjected! "What side effects? We don't know about no side effects" the medical community shrilled. They lie.

All the while these people define their jobs in a narrower and narrower manner. My ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON is incapable of reading an x-ray! That must be done by a separate person in the hospital. The nurses job is to stare at you and laugh at you. The crna's job is to drug you and laugh about you. There is a scrub nurse, a roving (circulating) nurse, another o.r. nurse, a person whose job it is to put a cast on, a person to type things into a computer, which may or may not be true. There's a charge nurse, head nurse, a person whose job it is to weigh you, several people to interview you, an insurance person, a medical transcriptionist, a person to take your blood pressure, an np, and a lot of other people. You can include a drug company rep and a medical device rep in there as well. Why are they there? You are kidding yourself if you think you need all these extraneous people! It's all part of the plan to make sure that the patient's money is extracted, ALL of it. I think its also a plan for "plausible deniability."

We've all heard how these medical teams insure that the patient is never abused. People that's the OPPOSITE of what really happens when there are untold numbers of people, all involved in one single person's care! What seems to happen is that when things go south, the can all blame each other and claim it wasn't their job! For instance; You tell these people that Versed is not acceptable, and that it is NOT to be used. You write it on your paperwork, which usually doesn't contain any reference to Versed or amnesia. You tell that to your nurse, usually just before she/he injects you with it anyway. Whose job is it to describe the effects of Versed? It's the LAW that the patient is informed as to the risks, benefits and side effects of Versed, but WHOSE JOB IS IT TO INFORM US? To whom do we say "DON'T GIVE ME VERSED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OR FOR ANY REASON? Which one of all these people? How do we know WHICH people? Or will they all ignore us? They don't read charts and they can't see a medic alert piece of jewelry! They can't hear us speak. Any of them. Then they have numerous people to back up their lies.

Whose job is it to explain in detail and get consent for surgical procedures? The surgeon? His/her physicians assistant? Is it the job of the nurse to get you to sign your life away, knowing full well that you are NOT informed? Is it the crna's job to decide unilaterally what the procedure will be? Does he/she have to tell you the truth about their plan or do they get to lie?Or is the real MDA's job as supervisor? When do these people see you and when do they decide what they are going to do to you? When and to whom does the patient get to say NO? As you can see, this is deliberate confusion. They can ALL say that it wasn't them, it was the other person's job to do whatever.

Whatever the patient said or didn't say is lost in the mix because it was NOBODIES job to take note of the patient! Now they can all lie and say they never spoke to you, they didn't understand what you said, you said it to the wrong person, or the very worst thing they can say; "It never happened." THIS LIE is easily backed up by nearly one hundred people that have surrounded the patient since the inception. This last is a direct result of working around too many people who have been treated to a preview of their life when they get early onset Alzheimer's as a result of all the Versed that has been pumped into them by lying medical people!

All of this is extra bad because medical people are put on a pedestal. None of us would ever have believed that these esteemed people would treat us like dirt. It's not like we can avoid medical care either! At some point we will have a heart attack, be in a bad car wreck, get a bad disease or something where there is no choice but to go to a medical person. How bad is it when we know that medicine is for medical people, not patients. Patients are merely an obnoxious vehicle to obtain a paycheck. They HAVE to deal with all of us in the "great unwashed" (non medical people) category so that they can live in the lap of luxury, where their only concern is that somebody else is making more money for doing less. Read all about it. PA's want to be associates without the associated education. Np's want to be considered on par with doctors as well. Crna's, my personal favorites, are ALWAYS crying about their perceived lack of income. How much do you want us patients to pay for you lying self centered snakes? And it's UNAVOIDABLE!

I honestly feel sorry for all the good guys out there in the medical field. Ever heard the saying "One bad apple spoils the whole bushel?" These "bad apples" in medical care are ruining the special relationship between medical personnel and the patient. We are being put into an adversarial position with our own caregivers. We patients have to research, second guess, and otherwise treat the people that we should be able to trust with our lives as con men/women. This is so unutterably sad... The trust is gone in the place where most of us can least afford it, medical care. Replaced with fear, loathing and suspicion.

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