Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama's Fiery Rhetoric Reinvented

President Obama gave a speech to the members of the black caucus. I think I'd like it if Obama redirected his speech to all of the "mid-level" health care workers. You know, all of the advanced practice nurses who feel that they are on par with doctors. The ones who constantly whine about getting respect when they give none, that complain that 6 figures isn't enough money for people of their exalted status as advanced practice nurses. The ones who want to be called something other than what they are, like the physicians ASSISTANTS who want to be called ASSOCIATES! This speech is for YOU! (delivered in the strong reverberating tones of a TV evangelist!)

"Take off your bedroom slippers! Put on your marchin' shoes! Shake it off! Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'! Stop cryin'! We are going to press on! We have work to do!"

That's right, shut the Hell up! Stop your incessant "complainin'" about all the real or imagined "slights" that your profession gets. "Stop cryin'" that you don't get any respect! You aren't acting respectable, you are acting like spoiled children! "Shake it off!" While you are at home in your bedroom slippers the rest of us are hard at work trying to afford your services! "Stop grumblin'" that you don't make as much as doctors! YOU AREN'T A DOCTOR! If you want to be a doctor then 'PRESS ON!" You "have work to do" if you want that prestige! "Put on your marching shoes" and march right over to the admissions office at a medical college!

God, I'm so sick of all the preening, posturing, whining, complaining and the arrogant, narcissistic attitude that goes along with "mid-level" health care people wanting to be accorded the same respect, money and prestige as a doctor. Now they want name changes and such to further their pretense. This is, well, PRETENTIOUS! "Shake it off!"

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