Friday, October 14, 2011

Another OMG What Are They THINKING?

Well, it's finally out. Medical workers are putting senior citizens on Versed/Midazolam to "help" them die. Isn't that great? To be cognizant, aware and unable to do anything about the nurses who are killing you. The amnesia only works backwards, if it works at all. Patients can't remember the past, (most of them anyway) but they can surely see what is happening to them in real time! This is cruelty like nothing we have seen so far with this drug. Here is the article;

Death row drug fed to dying Scottish pensioners - The Daily Record

Versed/Midazolam CAUSES a lot of the problems in the first place. Things like dementia and cognitive dysfunction. Then medical workers apparently use the excuse that their brain is already destroyed, so let's just keep going with the brain poison drugs. (read the article where an old man "recovered" after leaving his Versed and the hospital behind.) The old folks can't scream or object if we give them enough Versed. What a deal. To the family it looks like the grandy has lost their mind, talks gibberish and has lost touch with reality. They may look peaceful and may not recognise family members. This would lead the family to think that something OTHER THAN poison is at work. If the family knew that their precious mother, father etc was being deliberately given a drug which caused all this they would be furious wouldn't they? I know I would.

Versed needs to be banned. I don't really care that they give this drug to condemned prisoners because they probably murdered somebody in a particularly heinous way to get where they are, but I do care that Versed is being used as a date rape drug, a patient annihilation drug, in order to get compliance and to mask abuse, and now it is used to "help" the dying process, destroying the last time that the patient has on earth by using this brain disabling drug... Sickening! Thanks Gin for sending me this.

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