Tuesday, October 4, 2011


On www.askapatient.com there are 2 newer posts that reference SCREAMING! In both cases there are excuses as to why doctors et al are doing this to their patients. I contend that this is legalized TORTURE! If you don't want your helpless body tortured, I suggest you decline the amnesia drug Versed.

From a post on 9/29/11 is this statement; "Horrible experience that I didn't expect. Never felt calm, woke up in severe pain during the procedure, but then remember nothing for 2 hours afterwards.(Like most others, I was never informed of the amnesia !) I feel tricked (since I was led to believe the procedure would be a "breeze") and am horrified to learn that many doctors ignore a patient's screams because they are relying on the amnesia & want to finish the procedure so they get paid. Is this what health care has come to ?"

Is this really how you want to be treated? This woman opines that she learned "that many doctors ignore a patients screams because they are relying on the amnesia & want to finish the procedure so they get paid." Are we supposed to respect that reasoning by medical practitioners? Their paycheck... Just asking.

From a post on 9/28/11; "...Doctors will frequently continue the procedure with the patient screaming because it's generally a short procedure and it's easier to get it done with than to pull the scope out and try again with some other drug combination some other time, when the patient might not actually remember the pain when the procedure is over. "

Here we have a poster saying that doctors "frequently" just keep right on going with the patient "screaming" because its "EASIER" for them to keep going than to interrupt their program. Their excuse is that pesky AMNESIA where "the patient might not actually remember the pain..." Is this how YOU want to be treated? You really want your doctor to FREQUENTLY continue torturing you in the face of your screams of pain? Do you want to risk that you are one of us that don't get amnesia? Since when does amnesia give the green light to torture?

Wow, I can sure see the government trying this excuse with the Gitmo prisoners can't you? The prisoners of war "...might not actually remember the pain." I'm just kidding, there is no way in HELL that the type of behavior described by the 2 posters above would be tolerated at Gitmo. Civilized societies don't torture their prisoners. They DO, however, torture innocent patients, now don't they?

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