Friday, October 7, 2011

The EBP Process

Tim from sent me this link today.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice

If you click on the link you will see some boxes. On the right is a RED box. I laughed an ironic laugh when I read what is in the RED box. The RED box is the most important part of health care and the Evidence Based Practice or EBP. Without us there is no medical "practice."

What I like best about this tutorial is that the PATIENT is the focal point, not what the health care workers want. Maybe if this was taught in our medical schools and drummed into the heads of the arrogant snobs who populate this area of expertise, we would get better treatment from our medical teams.

Both parts of my recent ill advised foray into the medical world were wrong. My team forgot the RED box part of my treatment. In their little minds the whole adventure was an unqualified success. The crna got to sedate me and knock me out against my will. I did wake up. So he feels that his services were a success story. The surgeon or janitor, RN, Pa, device rep or whoever got to do my surgery got to do it. My arm was marginally straighter. Success! The nursing students and probably a couple of Gyn students got to play with my crotch! I helped train them against my will, but they got their training! Success!

From MY point of view the operation was a disaster. I still haven't returned to normal brain function and I am still experiencing panic attacks and anxiety over my treatment from the crna, along with pain from his tourniquet. I have major problems with the site of the surgery, numbness, loss of grip etc. As far as I'm concerned the surgery was an unqualified disaster, necessitating YET MORE SURGERY or right now I would not have any function left in my hand. I got an infection from all those people who were sticking their dirty fingers into my vagina and threading contaminated catheters into my urethra. My kidney function has been compromised because of it. I don't consider that a success. The humiliation of being treated like a lab rat of no value will stay with me until I die. This is why my surgery is NOT a success story, regardless of what medical people think! That's why the RED box in the above linked article is so important.

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