Monday, October 10, 2011


On my blog, several times, I have expounded on my theory that a lot or most (almost said ALL, but I'm sure that would not be true) of the positive reviews of Versed that we see all over the web are written by medical workers. We all know how hot they are to use this drug on ALL of us for ANY specious reason. They vigorously defend this drug and cannot and WILL not allow anything negative to be said about it without throwing a hissy fit. At LAST I have proof of my hypothesis!

I got the following statement from a medical worker who purports to be a nurse practitioner from an pediatric ICU. I have done research and I believe I know who this person is and that he is really what he states he is... Several times I have stated that I won't post any more of his tripe, but jeez, I just can't resist it! 'M I bad? Good job (name removed)! You have me printing your inane statements again. At least this one!

Here it is folks, the proof positive that medical workers are running around (metaphorically) trying desperately to prevent the spread of information about just how bad their drug of choice is. Just like any addict, they claim that Versed is perfect, never has side effects, and anybody who objects is an uneducated crazy person. They ARE addicted to injecting Versed, and to this extent! Gotta love it!

"BTW, I counter posted! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Insane Nurse, author
The above is Insane Nurse's entire response to a DNP's statement that Versed should be avoided at all costs. So Nursey Poo goes right over there and posts a counter to it! ROFL! Also note the juvenile HAHAHA stuff! LOL Thank you very much sweety, you just proved me RIGHT AGAIN! These allegedly educated and divine medical peons are indeed posting to counter our claims that Versed is bad. In light of Insane Nurse's actions, I hope that my readers will be relieved to see that all (did it again! "MOST" not all) those glowing reviews about how wonderful Versed is are coming from the drug pushers themselves. Insane man, can you EVER open your mouth (type a comment) without inserting your foot in it?

Sadly this IS what medical care has come to. This is the thought process of (some of, many of?) the personnel that populate treatment centers... Kinda makes you a little insecure about trusting them doesn't it? This is a grown man acting like this... For more just take a trip over to sometime and see how childish they are as a GROUP! Even the student anesthesia nurses act like this. We need more grownups in medical care. I'm pretty much done with medical workers who act like over aged juvenile delinquents. That's right John, I consider what you did as an act of vandalism, graffiti if you will. Giggle!

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