Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More on DEMENTIA and SEDATION!!!!!

I have a couple of posts on this blog SOMEWHERE about this issue. Too many patients are ending up with dementia from hospital visits. I have an opinion on what is causing this "dementia" in the hospital. I know that you are totally taken aback that a lowly truck driver such as myself would form an opinion, based on the facts as I know them. It's called extrapolation or critical thinking. This is a brain function which even patients who are truck drivers can possess. Here is an article from my inbox.

Treating Drug-Induced Diseases... Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA

Imagine my surprise when this article CORRECTLY IDENTIFIES THE CULPRIT IN THE HOSPITAL ACQUIRED MENTAL DISORDER KNOWN AS DEMENTIA! You will love this excerpt from the piece linked above...

Treating Drug-Induced Diseases…

October 11, 2011


…With more—and worse—drugs?

Mainstream medicine too frequently relies on pharmaceuticals to solve problems that FDA-approved medicines caused in the first place. Take, for example, delirium—a kind of mental confusion that’s a common complication of hospital admission, especially among people over 65. It is one of the biggest drains on the healthcare system, costing between $38 and $152 billion per year in the US alone. Patients who become delirious are more likely to die while hospitalized and in the months after leaving, and many suffer permanent loss of their mental faculties.

Worst of all, say researchers from Vanderbilt University, in many hospitals three-quarters of delirium cases go undiagnosed because patients are often quiet and withdrawn rather than agitated and hallucinating. As you will see, the undiagnosed patients may actually be better off.

Next month, Vanderbilt researchers will begin a study to see if giving antipsychotic drugs in an intensive care unit (ICU) can reduce delirium and subsequent cognitive decline.

Shockingly, the truth is that delirium is often triggered by medication given in hospital. Drugs that boost activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine, or block the effects of acetylcholine, increase the risk of delirium. Sedatives that are widely prescribed in an ICU and to patients undergoing surgery seem to be particularly risky in this respect. (emphasis in red is mine)

Think about this: Even though one of the triggers of delirium is hospital-prescribed drugs (sedatives), the solution they’re considering is to prescribe even more dangerous and potentially damaging drugs (antipsychotics).

Side effects of the antipsychotic drugs which researchers hope will help with delirium include weight gain, type II diabetes, hyperlipidemia, inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), sexual side effects, cataracts, and even more severe mental problems.

Why would trained researchers want to give delirium patients anti-psychotic medication? Are they delirious themselves? (I have wondered this same thing, are medical workers delirious?) Or is this just more crony capitalism involving the corrupting effect of drug company money? It certainly won’t be hard to find drug company funding for this trial.


Did you get that? SEDATIVES ARE TRIGGERING DELIRIUM! Wow, who would have thought that? Fascinating... Their solution is to add yet more dangerous drugs to the patients body instead of NOT USING VERSED! This is insane.


  1. Interesting! My dds austin team mates appreciates this so much. Keep sharing!

  2. For anybody thinking about dental implants, I've had 2 of them. Without sedation and without pain. Your dentist can implant them quite well without sedation, it's no big deal.