Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Homework; Dr. Bremner

I was listening to a tv program about a man who took that drug Accutane for 2 days. He had minor acne, but this drug seems to have destroyed his brain function enough in those 2 days that he became a homicidal maniac and murdered the dermatologist who innocently prescribed it. 5 YEARS LATER! I have already written about Accutane on my blog, and if you read that, you know that the very same foreign outfit that developed Accutane also developed Versed. The company is Roche and in both cases they IGNORED THE FACT that their drugs were having a detrimental effect on people's mental health. They manufactured or otherwise tainted their trials with both these drugs. They ignored all of the adverse reactions that their drugs caused. They were SUED over Accutane... a skin blemish drug. Let's see, would I rather have mild acne or even disfiguring acne or become depressed and unable to function, maybe kill myself and/or others? I'd rather NOT have the drug. Same with Versed. I'd rather NOT be relaxed like with Versed. I am relaxed WITHOUT sedation, obsequious obedience, and amnesia thank you very much! I also could have lived without the Versed induced PTSD and all the rest of the mental aberrations brought on by Versed injections.

In the course of my research I cam upon a DOCTOR who has published a book entitled "Before You Take That Pill" I bought the book over on Amazon! I will give my synopsis when I get it and finish reading it. The author, Dr. Bremner, is the one who apparently brought the Accutane problem to the forefront. I also purchased Dr. Bremner's book about Accutane, entitled "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg; Accutane..."

Here is Dr. Bremner's health blog. Before You Take That Pill » Book Review of Your Body's Red Light Warning Signs

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