Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anesthesia and Learning Disabilities

Medical News: Repeat Anesthesia for Tots May Lead to Learning Disabilities - in Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology from MedPage Today

Yet another scientific study about the effects of anesthetic agents on the developing brain. This study specifically mentions Propofol as causing brain degeneration. I would like to see somebody look at the "other" drug that these medical workers are so hot to give to everybody and that is Versed. Along with the g/a aren't they all invariably given Versed? One crazy person who comes to my blog brags about the Versed "drips" that he sets up for his little charges.

What parent would allow a "study" to see how much BRAIN DAMAGE particular drugs cause? There is no way in Hell that I would allow this... So are they dispensing with "informed consent" so that they can evaluate the ruined brain of a child?

If you read my recent post about "Doing More Homework" you will see where the scientists state that the deeper areas of the brain are not really mappable and their activity doesn't show up on an EEG. So really, even scientists don't know very much about the brain at all do they? So why is it that the medical minions are so gung ho to alter that which they know NOTHING about? These medical people will catagorically state that THEIR favorite drug to inject YOU with can't possibly be harmful. How do they know this? Correct answer; They DON'T! They don't know JACK about any of it, but they still go right on the attack if you criticize Versed in ANY way.

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