Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical Workers! Heed This Warning!

I found this quote from a doctor. While I'm aware that medical people probably get superior care as opposed to the care we insignificant "other" patients get, you don't know how some young know-it-all upstart might treat EVEN A DOCTOR once you are in their clutches... The following quote is from "Doc99" in the comments section of the link provided.

"- Here's a frightening thought - sooner or later, you will also be a patient. Be afraid. Be very afraid."


Here's the link to the article which this comment follows;The art of practicing template medicine

I read this article because of the way *I* was treated at the hospital. 'EVERYBODY WHO WALKS THROUGH THE DOORS GETS VERSED!" (patient relations nurse) Or "99% OF MY PATIENTS GET VERSED." (crna) This is more of the "template" medicine. Medical staff likes the drug because it makes their lives ever so easy! They manufacture spurious reasons to use it which have nothing to do with the patients themselves, only green money and easy money. Just to be clear, green money in the form of excessive extra charges for sedation and easy money for knocking people in the head and then being able to ignore them, their pain, and their dignity are not patient benefits! These are benefits for the STAFF!

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