Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Inane Comment

This comment, from yet another health care worker it appears, (crna) can also be viewed in situ on the article I wrote on how to avoid Versed. If this person had read further they would see that even THOSE instructions will not guarantee that the patient can avoid Versed. At least they didn't go on to defend Versed. Progress I guess. So let's see what this person wrote shall we?

BKW has left a new comment on your post "Instructions for avoiding Versed/Midazolam":

"Is this a joke? you certainly have a lot of time on your hands sitting at home on the computer...alone. If you don't want versed, just tell them! Lol, they aren't evil people."


Their first statement is a question... "Is this a joke?" Um, NO, it's not a joke. Why would you think it's a joke? Does it seem funny to you that we would have to go to such lengths to try and avoid being poisoned with Versed for the benefit of the staff?

Next sentence (capitalize the Y in you, beginning of sentence) "you (sic) certainly have a lot of time on your hands sitting at home on the computer...alone." This is another attempt to ridicule me right off the bat. This person is making some assumptions in this statement which are patently false.

Why would this genius assume that I 1) spend a lot of time 2) at home 3) on a computer and 4) alone? First of all what I do with MY free time is my business. If I choose to write a few things about Versed, or when I use an article written by others as the basis for my thoughts, this is MY prerogative! It doesn't take a whole lot of time. Mostly I think about things and when I sit down to write, the writing is mostly done already in my head. It doesn't take much time at all! Plus, I LIKE writing! It's therapeutic for me in this case! Lucky me. I'm sorry if the commenter finds this kind of thing difficult and time consuming...

I may or may not be at home. I could be on my laptop at a restaurant or a horse show. I am almost NEVER alone while I'm writing. My husband works nights, I work days and my kid is here when she isn't in school. (She's a 12 year old, straight A, prep school 9th grader! IQ is hereditary through the mother. She's also eligible for MENSA!) Is there a problem with writing when you are alone? Gee I didn't know that! LOL

I know what you are getting at honey. You are trying to say that I am a jobless, friendless, stupid kook that doesn't even have any family. That because I object to being treated like a sub human life form by the medical community and WRITE ABOUT IT, that I must really be that which I was treated like at the medical center, right? I'm must be just scum, correct?

I DID tell them I didn't want ANYTHING LIKE VERSED! How many times do I have to repeat the same refrain? I didn't want Versed, I didn't want any kind of sedation, I didn't want g/a, I said it over and over and over. It WASN'T NECESSARY for my simple surgery! My procedure has a better outcome if they DON'T use Versed and g/a. Do you understand me YET? So who else do I tell? My "team" couldn't understand the word NO! They thought they knew better than I what was best for me. They said so when I filed all the complaints. So tell me again smartaleck, to just say no and (extrapolating from your statement) I won't get Versed! So what do I do, make an appointment with risk management and tell THEM? Maybe I should have contacted the hospital president and told HIM not to give me Versed?

What do you mean by this statement? "If you don't want Versed, just tell them!" I noticed what you left out... That is, "just tell them" (and you won't get Versed). You very prettily SUGGEST that by telling the staff to omit the Versed that they won't in fact administer it, but you didn't come out and say it did you? I didn't want or need Versed and I told them so. My records reflect that I was a pleasant woman in no distress. I told them not to give me anything like this drug and they DID IT ANYWAY! That IS evil.

And this is a laughing matter to you. LOL Think about it sweet lips, IF the morons at the place where I went had simply done as I asked, which was perfectly reasonable and also required by law, I WOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE DOING THIS! Can you understand that? Evil, mentally compromised (can't grasp the meaning of the word NO? Or refuse to take NO for an answer, your choice!) medical workers deliberately and maliciously assaulted me with drugs and treatments against my wishes and in a manner which is against the law. For a non life threatening elective procedure. They are doing this all over this country. They are doing this knowing full well they are in violation of patient rights laws. FEDERAL LAWS prohibit shooting up unsuspecting patients with Versed without INFORMED consent, let alone when the patient objects to it. So when you violate federal law what does that make you?

What planet do YOU live on where patients wishes about Versed are followed? Is the sky blue where you are? Do they have "informed consent" laws where you are? Are they followed? What does the word NO mean to you? None of the patients *I* speak to have been informed about the true nature of this (cough) wonder drug. Not one. Nobody that *I* know has been able to refuse Versed, even when following my instructions...

BTW thanks for not going on about how wonderful Versed is! This is a bad drug, which appears to cause brain damage in the form of POCD, PTSD, premature Alzheimer's like symptoms, anxiety disorders etc. Nobody should allow the use of Versed. The exception to the rule being those condemned people facing euthanasia for their crimes. Who cares if their brain is destroyed, they are going to be executed anyway. Have a nice day BKW. Say hey to all your crna friends.

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