Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting Doctor's Sexual Abuse Case

Doctor's possible defense: alleged sex assaults were hallucinations

A couple of things jumped out at me while reading this article; This comment; "Dr. Glen Gabbard, director of Baylor Psychiatry Clinic in Houston, stated in a 1991 American Health article that sexual exploitation of patients is "a very common phenomenon" and that the number of false accusations is "infinitely small" compared with cases of real abuse.

"You don't want someone to be using anesthetic agents as a way to satisfy some sort of perverse agenda," said Dr. Butterworth. REALLY? Isn't it perverse on its face that we are getting a drug, Versed/Midazolam, designed specifically to hide abuse?

(Gotta love this one) "Medical journals note that with modern medicine, this side effect (sexual "hallucinations") though uncommon, has resulted in false and career crushing allegations against practitioners; it has also prompted some doctors to take advantage of drugs' "amnesic effects" to cover up actual assaults on patients." (italics mine)

I saved the best for last; "I feel it would be inappropriate to ask" about those experiences (sexual misconduct after drugging the patient) she said. (Dr. Erin Sullivan) "But if the patient volunteered the information, I would explain. We obtained informed consent. I don't go through all the side effects. That's not standard of care." Better re-read that! It's "not standard of care" to reveal side effects. How was informed consent obtained without revealing side effects? This is a violation of the law. Obviously Dr. Erin Sullivan, "who teaches anesthesiology and runs the cardiothoracic department at UPMC Presebytarian" has absolutely no clue what informed consent is, what the law is or anything else about patient rights. This is basically my point. Informed consent has nothing to do with being informed. It has to do with arrogant people like Dr. Erin pointing to a piece of paper purported to be "informed consent" which probably reveals nothing, that absolves her of all wrongdoing.

Just MY opinion folks! If you don't like it, change your evil ways. Quit using these drugs without proper informed consent which outlines the effects and side effects. Just as an aside, having your crotch groped, fondled, touched and threaded with a catheter just might make people think they are being abused, especially if they have been drugged! Having your breasts squeezed, touched and hooked up to a machine might make people think they are being abused, especially if absolutely none of this was explained ahead of time as the law of informed consent demands. Even if there was no sexual intent, there was still sexual contact.


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