Friday, May 28, 2010

e-mail from Casey

In response to your posting "Thanks for the nasty comments": I too assumed the treatment we received in regards to our Versed experience was limited to us and 'if they only knew' SURELY they would change their practices. I'd written a lengthy letter where I'd included many many many quotes from so many who'd been harmed by/deceived about this wonder drug when it finally dawned on me that they DID know and did NOT care and were not going to change their MO. At least word is getting out.

Thanks again for all you do and keep up the good work.


So, you see that I am not the only one who has experienced this treatment from health care workers. Somehow we patients have to gain some kind of control over these employees of ours. We have to be able to weed out the anti social, sick individuals. They can't be trusted to police themselves. We will never be safe in a medical environment unless we have control over the people we pay to provide services. WE PAY YOUR SALARY MEDICAL PEOPLE! We are allowed to say NOOOOO to anything at all we don't want, for any "stupid" reason whatsoever. (and have you respect that) We are allowed to stop the procedure AT ANY TIME, EVEN AFTER BEGINNING THE PROCEDURE. That's the law! We patients are supposed to be in charge, NOT YOU! It's the law. Get over yourselves.

I can hardly wait for the day that Versed is an elective "therapy" paid for out of pocket, just like in dentists offices. I am actively contacting insurance carriers about this unnecessary cost. If they will only listen to cost concerns and could give a crap about our other objections, so be it! With Obama's precious Health Care Reform (which is anything but) insurance companies will be looking for cost saving methods because of having to insure "high risk" people. Banning payment for the use of Versed could save them billions a year. I encourage everybody who has a health care provider to contact them and pass along this novel idea! No more Versed sedation = huge cost savings. Works for me, it should work for the insurance providers.

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