Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confusion about Sexual Battery

OK, for those of you who take umbrage at our comparison between rape, sexual battery, child molestation and your forced injection of Versed, let me draw you some verbal diagrams. I might like to add false imprisonment to these charges.

The patient goes to the Doctor for help. The Doctor and his minions CONCEAL their true intentions to render you a compliant piece of meat and have their way with you. Once you are on their turf, you accept an IV and they surriptitiously inject you with a drug which usually causes amnesia and perfect obedience. You cannot object even if you try because your psycho motor skills are now non existent. Slurred or incoherent speech is also a feature of Versed. You also are suffering from the "anti-conflict" component of this drug Versed. You cannot escape. You are now their prisoner. You can't sign out against medical advice and you can't make them stop. They claim that they have your permission to do this (debatable) and you can't retract that permission once they drug you. (also debatable) You, the patient, who trusted these people with your very life are now totally helpless while they abuse your body and make crude comments about you. If you are able to struggle they will place you in restraints and continue the abuse. Maybe they will give you general anesthesia to get more control and more money, but they won't release you.

They torture you, watching you scream and writhe in pain. They violate EVERY ORIFICE that you have. If you are having colonoscopy, or just a simple procedure, you are subjected to having your sexual organs exposed and breached. You get a tube "rammed down your throat." (according to another post) You get tubes shoved up your urethra while they all giggle and watch (ten or twenty of them along with drug salesmen and anybody else who wants to get in on the action.) You will have prostate or pelvic exams if you are in a teaching hospital, also without your knowledge or consent. (At least that's what they hope for with the amnesia part of Versed.) But since you went to the medical center in the first place willingly they will say that this degradation is all part and parcel of getting "help."

Then you go home to find that you now have a preventable kidney infection and possibly other medical problems as a result of them treating you like an object instead of a human being. Your friends can't believe that 1) medical people have a drug like this, 2)that they would sneak it into you. (Remember the so-called "informed consent" that everybody allegedly signs, and patients rely on?) And 3) that medical people would behave like this, especially a whole group of them. You are a target of hate now for saying these things about such wonderful life saving people.

You are humiliated, ashamed, angry and frightened. You don't feel like a human being any more. You now have PTSD like symptoms and are put on Prozac, Amitriptiline, Lexapro or some other drug.

Contrast that scenario with this one.

You go on a date in a public place with a charming, highly regarded professional man. You meet some of his friends at this place. They are all funny and polite, including some women. You accept a soda pop from them and suddenly you find that you are woozy. You know something is wrong, but you can't get your legs to work. The charming date and his friends help you to their car.

For the next few hours or more, you are sexually abused by this group of people. You are going in and out of consciousness. You are trying to scream for help and make them stop. They continue. Your crotch, anus, and throat are violated. You are totally helpless. They simply force more drug down your throat if you get too out of control. The drug they use makes you obedient, so that even while you are objecting, you are still obeying their orders. They tell you that once you have gone "this far" that you can't stop them.

After the horror of it all these people drop you off apparently safe and sound, although violated, in front of your house. Your friends just can't believe that these particular individuals would EVER do this. The highly regarded individuals claim that they had your complete consent to do this. After all you DID willingly go out with them. You obeyed their commands while under the influence and this is construed as; you were a willing participant. They might even claim that it never happened, you are hallucinating or a drunk. Nobody believes that there is any drug which will cause this kind of reaction. You are a target of hate now for saying these things about such wonderful people.

You are humiliated, ashamed, angry and frightened. You don't feel like a real human being any more. Then you discover that you have an STD, and other medical problems. You also have PTSD which is treated with Prozac, Amitriptiline, Lexapro etc.

Is this getting clearer yet?

As for the child molestation, there are parallels. Children are helpless. They are subject to the whims and desires of the adults around them. They are easily controlled and if the molestation is from a family friend or member, there are obedience and trust issues which go along with the violation. Patients are being treated as trusting children to be violated at will. And, like a dear family friend, priest, scout leader, PTA member, parent, police officer, teacher etc. the abuse from highly regarded medical people is hard to imagine or believe.


P.S. These scenarios completely disregard the very real physical reaction to Versed. The jangled nerves, cognizant disfunction, memory loss etc. I am only dealing with behavior in this post, not paradoxical reactions to Versed.

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