Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks for the nasty comments.

I want to thank all of you medical types for leaving me the hate filled comments. I am sincere in this. Originally I was laboring under the delusion that what happened to me was an isolated incident, and that it had something to do with my own personal failings. I believed that it was contained in the medical center I went to and peculiar to Aaron my CRNA and others at this place. Now I know different.

Now I know that this attitude is pervasive. Versed has caused a decline in good care. Versed has allowed people whose skill set as it pertains to patient care is non existent. No longer are people aware of the sub standard care because they are given an amnesia drug. Interpersonal skills are no longer required. Medical "care-givers" don't have to reassure nervous patients, talk to them about anything or be there for them. All they want to do is inject the patients with Versed at the earliest possible moment so that they don't have to interact with the patient.

Can you imagine how long these people would have their job if their patients could complain about the high handed manner in which they were treated? I heard the statements when they assumed that I would have amnesia. To say that I was shocked and angry would be an understatement. Not only did I get Versed which I had forbidden in the general "no drugs which will incapacitate me", but they were talking about me as if I wasn't even there! I couldn't object as I had slurred speech and trouble with my motor skills. I had NO IDEA that I was supposed to have amnesia! It was personal and I took it as personal. They hated me and felt that I was sub standard in every way. Now I know that this was nothing personal, thanks to the comments on this blog.

This attitude is toward every single patient. It wouldn't matter if I had the IQ of Marilyn Savant and the beauty of Marilyn Monroe. I (and everybody else) would still be disrespected no matter where I went for treatment. Thanks for your comments. If it hadn't been for the vitriol shown by you guys toward ANYBODY who doesn't like your attitude and your drug, I would still be blaming myself. I should have been nastier in order to not have them do what THEY wanted. If I were only younger, thinner, prettier, smarter, richer, had a different job, better hairdo, nicer, the list of my perceived short comings goes on, maybe I wouldn't have been treated like scum. Now I know better. YOU have the problem, not me. NOTHING that I said, am, or did would have made any difference. The disdain for patients and lack of people skills exhibited by medical personnel is because of Versed, not because of patients. Without Versed, natural selection would take place. People with anti social tendencies would be weeded out! Thanks for making this perfectly clear to me.

I am by no means only talking about anesthesia providers. My nurses were careless too. I got a kidney infection from unwashed hands touching me. My nurses didn't inform me about what Vitamin V was either. They took part in the patient bashing exercise after my Versed injection AND they kept on injecting me with Versed, when they KNEW that I wouldn't like it and had declined this type of drug. They all went along with giving me ga, even though they had all heard me decline this. Nobody stood up for basic human dignity or my rights. Nobody. In fact, just the opposite. One of my nurses, Jill, tricked me into signing a "blood transfusion" document which actually turned out to be an invalid informed consent. I think it was she who silently injected me with the first round of vitamin v. She heard me decline incapacitating drugs, heard all of my denial of certain treatments, my explanations about paradoxical reactions, heard me say Morphine (or similar) and nausea meds only, heard the CRNA say that vitamin v was simply a muscle relaxant and said nothing to me. She KNEW better, but so what, did it anyway. Nurse Jacqueline laughed when I came to, loose in the PACU, furious and throwing things, swearing etc. Jacqueline is the one who injected me with 4 MORE mls of Versed AFTER surgery ended. She knew that I would never have consented to this drug and never did, but she still injected it. Shame on her! They apparently all thought it was funny that I was so irate. They knew there was nothing I could do about it! Hilarious.

It wasn't only the anesthesia providers and the nurses either. My surgeon treated me with disdain as well. He was over an hour late for surgery. Instead of rescheduling, I was doped up and forced to wait, all the while being charged by the minute for Versed and the attendant nursing costs. His PA referred to me as "it" as in "I have a ORIF, where is it?" I should have left then.

The surgeons skill was sub par. As another SPECIALIST told me "It isn't the nut on the wheel that's the problem, it's the nut behind the wheel. With the level of skill shown by your surgeon, you would have had a poor prognosis regardless of what he did." This was because I was upset that I had this horrible surgery and wasn't told about the external fixator device before my ill fated ORIF. So, what a relief. The external fixator probably would have turned out badly as well. My surgeon was unskilled with ORIF, this is not my fault. It has nothing to do with his opinion of me, or does it? At least I can quit blaming myself for not being a Doctor and knowing all this stuff. I still wonder whether he was sloppy because he felt that I wasn't worthy of care. I mean, he didn't even CARE that those screws were sticking out all over the place. He claimed that it was just fine, that "objectively" (like HE could be objective over his own work) the screws were properly positioned. He was willing to let my tendons be severed. He never once mentioned that this is a common side effect. This is part of HIS job, not mine. He pretended that I never said NO to ga. He pretended that I didn't call his office on 3 separate occasions to remind him that ga wasn't to be used. IF I HADN'T BEEN SHOT UP WITH VERSED I WOULD NEVER HAVE HAD THIS SURGERY! My surgeon doesn't work on patients that are not knocked out. I was unworthy of this information prior to surgery... And conversely, if I had been awake, maybe my surgeon would have been a little more careful. So Versed allowed my surgeon to treat me with carelessness and disrespect. Thanks.

I don't want to leave out the rest of the support for this bad behavior in hospitals and medical centers. Thanks to the patient relations woman who explained the whole deal about "inferred" consent. For those of you who don't know, this is where your mere presence in the hospital, asking for help means that you are up for any indignity and any treatment they so choose. She explained that once I set foot in the hospital, that I was giving them permission to do pretty much whatever they wanted. So once again it isn't personal at all. It is an ingrained part of the arrogance of medical providers. We are viewed as items for hospital enrichment. Thanks Dorothy for being so unsympathetic and self righteous. For telling me that everybody is treated like scum regardless of who they are.

For the anesthesiologist who made all those false statements to me and pretended to know what happened when he actually didn't know a damn thing about the incident. Thanks. Your lies reinforced my perceptions of medical personnel. You made up a story out of whole cloth that you thought I should buy, even though your Versed didn't give me amnesia. At first it made me feel crazy, but now I know that lies are standard operating procedure in medical centers. Thanks to Versed, you can get away with it. Screaming in pain. What BS! I know better and so do you. Liar. But thanks for your practiced ease telling patients lies about their procedure. I did everything right and you lied to me. You have the problem, not me. Obviously this is a longstanding inability to tell the truth on YOUR part. Nothing personal against me at all.

For the hospital president who says that he has no fiduciary duty to make sure that the laws that pertain to informed consent are followed, thanks. It wasn't personal against me, nothing to do with my failings as a person, it has to do with YOUR failing to insure that informed consent laws are followed. At first I was upset about the lawlessness that reigns in your facility and took it personal. Now I know that you don't care how patients are abused in your hospital, it's not your problem. You don't give a damn about anybody, not just me. You are perfectly willing to have patient abuse go on because, after all, there is money to be made in forcing medical treatments in excess of what is necessary, and without the consent of the patient. Thanks for your hatefulness. Thanks to my "commentators" here too that let me know that this is not the only medical facility that condones this law breaking.

I am still amazed at the extent of the attitude from health care providers. Do you really think patients would trust you if they knew how you felt about them? It doesn't matter though does it? You only have to fool them for a few minutes until you con them into allowing Versed or "vitamin v." Then you can revert back to your true nature as exposed by the comments on my blog. It's disgusting actually. But even though I am absolutely repulsed your comments, I still appreciate the insight into your soul. The more hateful your comments the less I blame myself for what happened to me! It would be nice for a few medical people to come on here and chastise you for your bad behavior, but their silence leads me to believe that you are all in collusion on this abuse of patients. You can't all be this vicious, it isn't statistically possible, but boy it sure looks bad. Please keep the comments coming.

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