Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another "caring" medical person.

Here are some of the comments in no particular order. These may be found under the headings which they were made.

"Wow you people are crazy. Do us all a favor and stay away from hospitals" I guess if you expect for medical people to not only KNOW the law, but to follow it, this is excellent advice. I am definitely doing everything I can to stay away from freaks like this person. By the way there were a bunch of posts from "anonymous" probably all from the same basket case... Happy reading!

So did you want to be awake and remember them placing the laryngeal mask airway? It seems like the proper anesthesia would be to prevent you from those unpleasant experiences. The documented pressure of 80/30 is not saying that is where your blood pressure was for a half hour, just at the intervals that the anesthesiologist was documenting. Since at that time your pressure was slightly low (in surgery and general anesthesia it is acceptable to have lower blood pressures, it reduces the amount of bleeding/complications) giving you 1400cc of crystalloid, which most likely was normal saline or lactated ringers, was an appropriate intervention. Patients in surgery often come in dehydrated do to being instructed not to eat or drink anything for several hours. As a general rule a mean arterial blood pressure from 50-60 is appropriate for a patient under general anesthesia. The 10cc of EBL is estimated blood loss, 10cc is less than a table spoon (15ml), this is probably less blood than labs that were drawn before your surgery. As far as charging you from more medication than was administered, in many areas versed is only available in a 5ml/mg vial, therefore unless you want to share vials with other patients, which would be dangerous and illegal, you will be charged for vials that were opened even if the entire amount was not used. The lowest documented oxygen saturation on the page was 94%, anything above 92% is completely acceptable and adequate for not only cerebral perfusion, but normal everyday conciousness and body function. So you came out of the procedure with the same number of braincells you started with...... which is obviously inadequate.
Obviously this person's unbridled rage that we would dare question them has led to an inability to actually read what I wrote! I WAS AWAKE AND REMEMBERED THEM PLACING THE LARANGEAL MASK!!!!! I refused to have ga and therefore, no need for the darn laryngeal mask! I don't know how many times I have to put this in writing, but honey babe, just read the damn thing before you go off half cocked! You idiots relied on Versed to create amnesia, which I DID NOT GET! I did not give permission for any general anesthesia whatsoever. I did not sign a document giving permission for general anesthesia. Read the documents. I did not give permission for any drugs that would incapacitate me. I was very specific about this. They SHOULD HAVE REFUSED TO TREAT ME UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, if they were that incompetent. It is NEVER OK to deliberately and maliciously defy the patients' instructions. If you will simply read the documents, see that there is NOTHING about sedation or general anesthetic, except in the replaced document made up one day after I had surgery to cover their sorry butts. You know the one that OMITS FOUR MAJOR SURGERIES ON MY FEMUR! My signature does not appear on the document. Look at where he (Aaron CRNA) wrote that the anesthesia plan was explained AND ACCEPTED! I did no such thing. Show me where I signed that I was OK with ga after saying NO at least a hundred times. Show me one single sentence anywhere which says one single thing about sedation, amnesia, obedience or anything at all about it. The arrogant little nurse TOLD me that he wanted to give me ga, which I vigorously declined and said NOTHING about any sedation, since I had already refused any such drugs.. The hospital was CITED for disobeying the law in this aspect and many others. Or could you read that? As for sharing vials of Versed... Are you freakin' kidding me? They should not have been using Versed at all, I don't CARE about what's left over. I got plenty of it in an attempt to get that compliance and amnesia anyway!
That being said, thanks for answering my questions about the EBL. You are right about being a dummy in that regard. Estimated Blood Loss. I am thinking I should have been able to figure out that acronym... "...crystalloid which most likely was normal saline or lactated ringers..." So this "crystalloid" is what was already in my IV? Is this so they can charge me more for having a different name for the same thing? This makes no sense. I had an IV which contained fluid. What would be the point of this crystalloid? As for the last helpful sentence; "So you came out of the procedure with the same number of braincells you started with... which is obviously inadequate. Would you care to qualify that with another post? I would like to see scientific proof that you know how many brain cells I started with and how you quantify my adequacy or inadequacy? Are you psychic? You have no way of knowing this. Just because I was attacked by you or somebody like YOU WHO FELT THAT THEY KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF, doesn't indicate an inadequacy of brain cells in ME. The Versed, which causes problems within the brain (which is exactly why you give it) was given to me without my knowledge or consent. This person broke the law because, like you, he felt that I was unworthy of proper care. I could extrapolate from that, that you are the one with the inadequacy...or should I say mental problem? As for the low blood pressure... Sure I am going to buy that my blood pressure dropped precipitously every time they checked it, but was fine all the time they WEREN'T checking it. You really do think I'm stupid don't you? They also had to put me on some kind of machine that squeezed my feet? I only know this because there was a charge of nearly $200 for some kind of booties... to use with a machine to help with my blood pressure. For somebody whose surgery is routinely (and preferably, as shown in many medical articles, not to mention the only way I was going to allow surgery to proceed) done with just the nerve block and pain meds this was quite a shock. This should not have been a surprise. Do you get that? Keep in mind that I have paradoxical reactions to ga drugs. Apparently I fight them even under ga. They have to give me enough drugs to "stop an elephant." There is no need for this. Just leave me awake. This is not an assumption on my part. I have ample proof that this is what works best on me. You have no right to decide what risks I will take just to make your job easier. It's against the law to treat me like that.
Does Versed cause a drop in oxygen saturation? If not, then how can you point to oxygen saturation as proof that Versed doesn't damage the brain. Obviously it DOES DAMAGE IT, prevent it from functioning as it was intended, WITH full oxygen saturation, otherwise you would not use it. You have no way of quantifying this either. One has nothing to do with the other. Try again.

my post from last night isn't here.... perhaps it made you look to stupid? I am very sorry that you feel slighted. I understand how upsetting it must be to have somebody appear to ignore you and your vituperative comments! I, however, have a life and I don't get on here all that often. Take a shot of Versed and forget about it! As for being afraid I will look stupid? Not really, it has been known to happen. Do you know the difference between colloquial "stupid" and "ignorant?" Let me explain... "Stupid" as you seem to mean it would be mentally slow? Unable to follow simple direction? (As in shut up and let us humiliate you and give you all the things you said you didn't want you "stupid bitch.") Or do you really mean ignorant in some aspects of medical care? I TRUSTED you people to explain FULLY and to respect the law as it pertains to informed consent. (That was "stupid" wasn't it?) Never in my wildest imaginings did I think you had a patient control drug like Versed, OR that you would actually use it on me in order to force me to accept your chosen treatment, over my objections. I was absolutely ignorant. Your job was to enlighten me. So who is at fault here, me, for not being a trained medical person and trusting your expertise, or YOU who are charged with following the law and obtaining informed consent after revealing ALL of what your devious little plans are?

"if you weren't afraid of common sense you would let people post repliles to your blog" Same as above. Also, it is very tempting for "stupid" me to correct your sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and capitalization, but I won't.

"your dumb ass signed it!" What you really mean is that I am the "dumb ass" who trusted you people. I did NOT sign a proper informed consent. Please look at the law and see what information IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE ON THE DOCUMENT. The hospital got cited and had to re-write the whole thing so that it conformed to the LAW. Since you want to get nasty; na, na na, you got in trouble, ha, ha, ha! The Joint Commission wasn't very happy either! Who is the "dumb ass" now? Had to make up a whole new "informed consent" which actually has information in it. Pages and pages of "informed consent" with names, descriptions and all the rest of the items REQUIRED BY LAW! Can't trick the patients now, can you! Hardy har har.

"i hearby authorize you to be a stupid bitch and sign all these permits to allow treatment and then deny it after your realize your too stupid to realize what i signed." No wonder my medical people couldn't understand the law, or that they are required to follow it. They couldn't figure out what the word "NO" meant. If you can't write proper English, can you at least understand it when spoken to you? What part of NO did you not get? The syntax, spelling and incoherency of this post is confusing to me. I get the stupid bitch part.

As for the rest of it, you "get" that the document in question is NOT AN INFORMED CONSENT DON'T YOU? So since the law does not recognise the document as a valid informed consent, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? At no time did I sign "all these permits" to allow treatment. All WHAT permits? (plural) It is YOUR JOB to supply me with all information that I need to make an informed decision. If I say no, it doesn't mean go ahead without telling me. That isn't what informed consent is about. Jeez how hard is that concept to grasp?

I said no, in no uncertain terms, with explanations. I said it over and over. So they simply shot me up with Versed (also against my will) and did whatever they wanted without consent. For proof look at CRNA Aaron's explanation to the nursing board. He clearly states that I gave consent for ga by "not objecting." He omitted that he had heavily sedated me prior to this lack of objection. You cannot give consent after being sedated! If I had signed an "informed consent" wouldn't this CRNA have pointed to it and said "See, she signed an informed consent which clearly outlines what I was going to do?" There was no valid "informed consent" ergo he had to make up something. The law says no dice.

Are all of you this insane about Versed? Do you have feelings that the law should not pertain to you? Do you hear voices from inside and what do they tell you to do? (scratch that, that was mean) Do you feel a burning uncontrollable need to use this kind of language to express your hatred and intolerance of all patients? Yeah, yeah I know, it's only those patients who take exception to your cavalier disregard for our rights, dignity and our supposed ability to stop you from doing whatever the hell you want to us helpless, trusting patients. You only like patients who treat you with adoration and look upon you as their savior. Have you always had this problem? Is that why you got in to medicine, so that you could knock people in the head, abuse them, torture them and be a GOD?

Last, but not least, cupcake, I don't need YOUR authorization to be a "stupid bitch" or anything else. Boy you control freaks are really something! You are giving me "authorization?" OMG! Tee hee!

"dont sign a consent for anesthia you stupid bitch!" Isn't this tedious? Really, can't you find some other more entertaining, imaginative, phrase to call me? "Stupid bitch" this and "stupid bitch" that. I didn't sign a consent for anesthesia. That is a simple declarative sentence, can you follow it? Again; I didn't sign a consent for anesthesia. It didn't do me any good to withhold a signature for anesthesia, as there wasn't an informed consent to sign for anesthesia anyway. (I assume you meant "anesthesia" and not "anesthia," or is this another medical word I am ignorant of?)

There you are sweety pie. I put all your posts right up here on the blog in post format. I also have your replies right where you put them. Are you feeling better? Wouldn't want you to go work on innocent trusting patients with your feelings of hostility and inadequacy...

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