Monday, May 3, 2010

Versed as Control Drug

"After 10 milligrams of Midazolam he saw it our way and we were able to get him to the operating room table and start the case." This jewel is from

First of all this is way too much Midazolam. Apparently they don't read package inserts, they bought Roche's claim that the drug is harmless in absurdly high doseages, or they don't give a damn about patients, patient rights, the law or anything else. Secondly, notice the snide "he saw it OUR way." Anyway this man was drugged into submission. Was it legal? Should it be? Under what cicumstances should medical people be allowed to use chemical coercion to facilitate their plan? The current law says NEVER, but I am interested in the mindset of somebody who would assume that forced chemical coercion is "seeing things their way." You don't really believe that this patient "saw things their way" or any other way after he was forced into submission by this much Versed do you?

Notice how depersonalized this sentence is. "...we were able to get him to the operating room and start the case." "Start the case." My my, nothing human about this scenario! It isn't "help the patient," "begin treatment," "sew him up" nothing at all that would make one think that they were working on a human being, much less one who did not want their ministrations. I don't think that this person was in custody, so where do these medical people get off forcing treatment on somebody? Especially 10 milligrams of a horrible drug like Versed!

I have to find the information which states that this 10 milligrams is a yikes amount and that in that doseage there could be brain damage, hypoxia, etc. It's a wonder they didn't kill him. He resisted their kind concerned care, so they knocked him down with excessive amounts of a dangerous drug, KNOWN TO CAUSE PARADOXICAL REACTIONS and forced treatment on him.

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