Monday, May 31, 2010

The Horror Stories just keep rolling in!

Here's yet another person, complaining about the same thing that the rest of us are saying. 'Course it's all just anecdotal and all you in the medical field "know what I'm talkin' 'bout.'" (quote from comments on my blog) These people don't let reality enter into their minds, otherwise they would stop using Versed "immediately if not sooner" as my grandad used to say. To question themselves or the dogma they apparently learned in "Anesthesia For Dummies" is beyond what their minds are capable of. Anyway, chalk up yet one more victim of the amnesia and obedient zombie drug Versed/Midazolam.

Yup, we are all crazy, hallucinating, imagining that Versed has damaged our brains. How many thousands, tens of thousands, millions or tens of millions of people will it take before our "anecdotal" evidence will be appreciated? I submit that EVEN IF it is scientifically proven that Versed causes physiological damage (and it will be) we will still be subjected to this poison because it is so convenient and fun for the staff, and the providers rake in too much cash for shooting us up with it.

Here is the link. Versed Anaesthesia- The Side Effect They Don't Tell You About

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