Friday, May 28, 2010

Wonder about the quality of medical care?

You have GOT to read this. This woman was a NURSE and look at how she was treated at the very prestigious Johns Hopkins. As an aside, I corresponded with a whistle blower Dr. in Ca and he had horror stories to tell about this medical center using massive doses of Versed and little or no pain killer so that the "stimulation" (pain and agony) would keep the patients' blood pressure up... Please note that Pam, the subject of the story, was given Versed for her procedure. They wanted her awake to feel them ripping her heart to pieces. Want to bet that she was also sedated in ICU subsequent to the debacle to the point that she had severe cognitive dysfunction? Versed is such a good drug. Not.

Adventures in Cardiology

This person's saga is similar to mine, including an unresponsive JCAHO, the inability for anybody concerned with his wife's care to tell the truth. Remember me accusing my Dr. whom I never saw at the hospital at any time of allowing the janitor to perform my surgery? Still doubt me? In one of my previous posts, you see where I accuse the alleged supervisor of the anesthesia nurse of lying? Is a pattern emerging? The anesthesiologist who CLAIMED originally to be involved in my care turned out to have never seen me or heard of me before in his life. So what was he doing in the PACU telling me lies? This guy has experienced similar ducking and dodging. He even takes exception to INFORMED consent, which is such a joke to medical practitioners. Nobody is enforcing any laws when it comes to health care minions. We are on our own...

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