Monday, May 31, 2010

MD Whistleblower

I found this person by accident, but he makes valid points which I shall use to my advantage. Here is an excerpt; "Folks are comfortable when they are following the herd. I wondered about this observation with regard to the medical profession. How many of our medical actions and decisions are done in imitation of others? How many of our practices are examples of group think and playing follow the leader? Why does medical dogma and practice take so long to modify?"

"Physicians, including me, perpetuate practices that may be more based on custom and tradition than on sound or changing medical evidence."

Versed is a bad drug. It is causing unimaginable suffering in a LOT of people. It is allowing medical practitioners to be careless and abusive. The more we patients complain about the drug, the more mulish medical people get over it. They will not hear our complaints. They can't think outside the box, can't hear anything but their own voices. Group think at its finest.

Here's the whole site link; MD Whistleblower

Another excerpt; "Medicine is a great profession, and it can be better. We physicians need to be more skeptical and creative. We should challenge our own clinical practices periodically to verify that they are truly best practices for patients. It is not be enough for us to ‘do what we were trained to do’. For a long time, gallbladders and uteruses were yanked out for reasons that would not survive strict scrutiny. I enthusiastically endorse comparative effectiveness research, although I expect it will be provoke fierce battles from those whose economic survival depend upon the results Will hospitals be willing to give up the enormous amount of easy money to be made with Versed/Midazolam? Is anybody listening to us when we say that injecting Versed isn't the best practice and give reasons?

It’s easy and comfortable to keep on the same path without deviation. We need folks, however, who will shake it up and make us think, explain and justify what we do. I know that my own practice could stand to be shaken up. Patients can be part of the process by asking us pointed questions, such as, “Doctor, explain exactly why I need this test or medication now?” Unfortunately with Versed, we ARE trying to get this medication and its use and abuse explained and we are getting nowhere... Most of the time Versed is never even mentioned or if it is, its true nature isn't revealed. When we object to it, we find that we cannot refuse it! Why do we ALL need to be given this drug? Explain and justify this.

There is an undertow that pulls all of us to follow the herd. This is perfectly fine, depending upon the herd’s destination. If it’s headed the wrong way, however, it’s not easy to change a herd’s direction, but it can be done. One person has to stand up when it’s raining and lead the rest of us to drier ground."
"'ONE PERSON' has to stand up..." What about all of us who are telling medical people that this Versed is a bad drug which leads to patient abuse and which has long term consequences for us? What about an army of patients who feel that this drug should be banned, or at the very least its use curtailed. I am not just one person standing up... I am just one of the more eloquent. We patients want to change the herd's direction and Dr. Kirsch, you are right, its not easy. I sincerely hope it can be done.

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