Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Versed, Stress, Drugs and Hair Loss

One of the odd things that nobody in the health care field cares about is HAIR LOSS. You have heard about it with cancer drugs, but did you know that this is a common problem with any number of drugs? I have not been able to find any studies on this but for me and some of my friends, anesthesia causes hair loss. Maybe it's a symptom of being poisoned? I have also found references to drugs like Propranalol (Inderol) mentioned elsewhere in this blog causing hair loss. Do you wonder, like I do, what other things are going on in your body subsequent to being poisoned? If these drugs cause hair loss are they also causing more hidden problems? Can they cause sloughing of cells in saaay your BRAIN! How about kidney function? Heart problems?

For myself, every time I have had general anesthetic, I end up with hair loss. On the one hand, I have tons of hair, so I haven't gone bald, but on the other hand my luxurious thick hair has always been my signature. Ever since I the Versed incident I have had a huge die off of hair follicles. Three years later my hair is getting very thin. I have to get it cut in shorter and shorter styles. In another couple of years I guess I will have to wear a wig. My long beautiful hair clogs the drain when I wash my hair. It clogs the brushes I use and it even clogs up my vacuum cleaner. My hair covers my pillow when I get up. Maybe this is just ducky for health care providers, but it isn't just fine with me. Anything that kills off the scalp is not something that should be injected into patients on a whim.

ALL patients are being over medicated these days. There is no reason to use Versed for the convenience of the staff. There is no excuse for using general anesthetic for minor procedures. They can take their Propofol and stick it as well. I can see maybe using some of this ( EXCLUDING VERSED!) for open heart surgery, but for dental work, fractures and colonocopies? Are you kidding me? My body has been poisoned and it is showing itself by hair loss, memory loss, anxiety and obsession with the drugs in particular Versed. Versed is not safe, short term or long term. Not even for your hair!

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