Saturday, September 26, 2009

Never have this surgery!!!

This is a copy of my implant record showing the extreme length of the screws involved. My wrist is about 7 inches around at the widest part of the Ulna and dorsal ridge of the distal Radius. Where it broke is presently 6 1/2 inches. My arm at its most distal is about an inch and 1/2 tall (maybe a little less) measured from volar to dorsal where a watch would go.
Here are some more screws sticking out into the soft tissue of my forearm. Every time I moved I could feel these ripping and gouging the muscles!, Extensor pollicis longus muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia These are exactly the height shown and measured in the x rays from Dr. M'soffice and later x rays from another Dr. The second Dr. tried to convince me that my bones had shrunk and settled causing this. Too bad he never saw the first x rays. Dr.s will lie for each other. (Even if this was true, where is the informed consent outlining this kind of problem with this surgery? See here Complications Following Internal Fixation of Unstable Distal... : Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma) This is exactly how Dr.  M installed this hardware! You can really see the gold screw where Dr. M drilled straight out into my wrist. You could actually FEEL this gold screw under the skin it was out so far. Dr. Mpicked the very longest screws possible even though my bone structure is very small.

Here's what the screws SHOULD have looked like...Broken Wrist, Distal Radius Fracture Here is a discussion of the "Future and Controversies" I had no idea I was having a dangerous and controversial surgery!Radius, Distal Fractures: Follow-up - eMedicine Orthopedic Surgery

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