Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pleasant woman in No Distress

In the report below please note under "General Condition: No distress." Also note when this document was allegedly signed. 10:00. The surgery was to start at 9:30. Why am I being evaluated at 10:00? At 10:00 I was already struggling to fight off the Versed. Also, quite contrary to every other piece of paper, my wrist is described as having "sig. deformity." This is the only time that my wrist has been described thusly. Everywhere else, there is "no visible or palpable deformity" and only "mild to moderate edema."

In the report on the right it once again states plainly "GENERAL: She is alert and oriented to person, place, and time. MOOD PLEASANT. Affect appropriate. She is in NO DISTRESS." (italics mine) So why was I given Versed? This also substantiates my claim that I was just fine before surgery.

Here we have an assessment of my mental state. Please note that none of the boxes are checked with a "Y." I wasn't anxious, depressed, didn't have ineffective coping, cognative impairment, I wasn't withholding information, had no attention seeking behavior, no disruptive behavior, no delusions/hallucinations, no potential for self inflicted injury, no other, etc. The only one marked is this one "Do you feel concerned for your safety at home? "N" Funny I was just fine here, but AFTER surgery I was obviously a nut case... I have no cognative impairment, but oddly one of the CRNA's said that I had "moderate understanding" along with "anxiety."

I am going to show medical records in here which show that I was a pleasant woman in no distress. You can tell by the tone of this blog that this is no longer the case. I will also show how I woke up. I will point out glaring deficiencies in these reports. They are from the day of surgery... Here we have on record from the hospital that "The patient is a pleasant 51 year old female..." Also of note is the erroneous statement that I sustained a "fall from a horse landing on her outstretched left wrist." This is all wrong. I was knocked down and then rolled over my arm in an awkward position! I didn't land on my outstretched wrist. Here it also shows that we had "SIGNIFICANT discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives. NOT TRUE! It was never revealed to me all the problems with this surgery, or the fact that this Dr. refuses to work on conscious patients. He didn't even tell me where the incision was to be. Silly me I imagined an oblique entry rather than slicing through my tendons. The alternative of an external fixator was never mentioned. The loss of the use of my hand was never mentioned. The risks of tendon injury from the devices was never mentioned. The benefit was supposed to be that I would work again... More on that in another post. Here I am, a pleasant female without history of depression or anxiety. Also of note, my descriptions of problems with anesthesia are not shown. I guess that paradoxical reactions are just a problem for the patient and not worthy of mentioning at all.

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