Friday, September 18, 2009

All kinds of "REFORM"

Right now our US senators are embroiled in a battle to provide health care for everybody. Don't belong in this country? No problem we will have the citizens pay your way. Can't afford health care? Too bad for you if you are a citizen, we will fine you thousands of dollars for being such an idiot as to work for a living and still be poor. They are talking about "insurance" reform and "tort" reform, but what about reforming the rogues who populate our medical clinics and hospitals? Hear anybody talking about reining in excesses? How about actually ENFORCING patient laws. I will be down at my local senators' offices on Monday Sep. 21, 2009 to find out what they intend to do about all of us being forced to endure drugs like Versed simply for the convenience of the staff and the overwhelming interest of more and more money by medical people.

Do not let anybody fool you, especially rich Doctors who have lobbyists at their disposal. These people desperately want to be allowed to have zero repercussions no matter how bad they are. Since they don't follow the law anyway, and they have had everything their own way for decades they think that now is the time to get their tort reform passed. This will be very bad news for patients. The state of Idaho instituted tort reform and now these people feel no compunction to follow the law. No lawyer will take the case! Tort reform has not lowered the cost of health care in Idaho it has INCREASED IT! This is the unintended consequence of protecting these people from lawsuits. They are careless. Hell, they don't even KNOW THE LAWS THEY ARE BREAKING! If I tried that on my log book, I would be paying the fines forever! An honest mistake on my trucking paperwork can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars. So I am held to a higher standard than the well educated personnel at medical facilities! What's up with that? Maybe I should try to get away with what Doctors do... Gee officer I didn't hurt anybody too badly by speeding and crashing into things, so no ticket and no lawsuit please.

The insurance companies are salivating about all the new people who will be forced to pay the price for this new "insurance" reform. You really think that forcing people to buy this product will bring the price of health care down? HELL NO IT WON'T! They will simply charge more. Is this the kind of reform you had in mind, or did you imagine reining in out of control cost? You are a fool if you think that forcing people to buy insurance that nobody can afford will bring the cost of health care DOWN! My COBRA for a family of 3 is $1,127.00 per month. My deductable is $2,500 per year and they pay like 80% of the COVERED problems. What a deal. It will only get worse if the clowns in the senate have their way. I urge you to call your elected "representatives" amd remind them that they represent the people, not big medicine.

Of course you already know my take on Versed/Midazolam being forced on us because the providers like it. It is absolutely unecessary and actually harmful to dope us with this evil poison. There are laws to prevent this from happening to us, but they are being ignored. It is in the hospitals financial best interest to use this on every person so that they can charge 10 times as much for NOTHING! If our elected officials would just put some teeth into patient rights laws, I think they would be amazed at how much less out health care would be. I am suggesting that hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient clinics etc be fined $10,000 dollars PER VIOLATION! I think that CRNA's need to be fined $10,000 dollars for assaulting us with Versed. If they don't get to use Versed, then we might have a chance to prevent them from doing even more harm. After all a patient who can actually REPORT VIOLATIONS is going to be treated far differently that somebody that they feel will have amnesia! It is time to lift the veil of secrecy that permeates the evil medical empire and let some light shine in!

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