Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nurse Jacqueline's role

I honestly thought that the nurse Jacqueline was on my side. I even called the hospital to thank her. I thought that right up until the time I read the intraoperative report. Those bastards gave me 4 MORE MLS OF VERSED AFTER THE SURGERY WAS OVER!!!!!! What the hell were they thinking? What is the point of vandalizing my brain again, with a HUGE amount of Versed all at once AFTER SURGERY? Did they take heed of my paradoxical reactions only to the point of drugging me further? Why did they do this to me? This wasn't just one bad actor in this particular medical clinic, it was "standard of care" to deliberately and maliciously drug people. Is it that giving me this much MORE Versed would keep me in the PACU longer? More money for the hospital? There was no reason to do this to me and it didn't work anyway. I woke up in a towering rage, LOOSE IN THE PACU! I was trying to attack people! My own husband says he was scared of me too, when you guys went and got him! Jacqueline, I trusted you! I thought that you were my advocate! When you were laughing at my distress, I thought you were laughing because the nasty little CRNA was going to be in trouble! The horror of this will stay with me the rest of my life! Is this why you got into nursing? So you could traumatize people and laugh at their unhappiness? How could you do this to me? YOU, JACQUELINE, are the one who injected this enormous amount of ADDITIONAL Versed into my IV! Why? Was I already out of control, just like I warned you about? Why didn't you tell Aaron (CRNA) to shove it? You were there, was I fighting the general anesthetic like I told you I would? Is that why my surgery turned out so badly? I didn't even have one person on my side. Apparently even you, my favorite nurse, were only to happy to inject me with poison. I know you have seen this reaction before. Didn't you care that my life as I knew it would be over? I am crying as I write this, I hope you are happy.

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