Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad anesthesia and bad surgery

Here is snapshot of what was in my arm. The screw on the bottom was by far the most painful. I thought it was because my Ulna was also fractured, but surprise, surprise, once this stuff was out of my arm, most of the pain went away. Lucky me because it was excruciating! One of the "LOCKING SCREWS" was sticking out the tender underside of my wrist right into all those tendons!!! ( here is a problem with nobody answering my questions... That most distal locking screw head that is loose (confirmed by Dr. who removed this hardware) isn't covered by the remnants of the quadrate pronata and actually is cutting the tendons or is it covered by the tattered remains of the qp and only causing more damage to it? I don't know, but it was REALLY painful. Aching agony on the underside of the wrist that periodically shot up my Ulna almost to the elbow!) File:Gray817.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He also took apart my pronate quadratus You can see the screws sticking out into this here, it's a blue screw. The purple ones and the gold one are in other pictures as well. No wonder I am half crippled now. This was the worst surgery ever. I was never warned about Dr. M severing my Brachioradialus tendon, never warned that my thumb wouldn't work, never told that there is a 50% complication rate, necessitating further surgery, not informed that by fixing my bone that I would sacrifice my hand! I am still facing reconstructive surgery for the partially ruptured tendons, Two Case Studies of Patients with Flexor Tendon Injury Following Locked Volar Plating and my hand is turning into a claw. I was never warned about the numbness, 70% loss of grip, the crushing of my upper arm by a tourniquet. My upper arm muscles have never been the same either, simply because of careless application of crushing pressure. I will never do any heavy lifting again because Dr. M severed the brachioradialus and the next Dr. had to sever it a second time. I can't ride a high strung horse, use a shovel, ride a snowmobile or ATV, do any rock climbing or pick up a child because my hand and arm don't work. They don't tell you about this when you "ELECT" to have this surgery. I would never have consented to this kind of surgery if I had been told the truth. The law says that they must reveal these things, but they don't! They want your MONEY! My feelings on this are that I was mugged, drugged, raped and physically harmed by this Dr. and all of his minions. The anesthesia was forced on me, I am am still in counseling for the Versed induced PTSD and my hand and arm are permanently ruined. The cost for this was about 14,000 dollars. Then I had to pay for more surgery, a kidney infection, counceling and drug therapy. Bad anesthesia and bad surgery. I wish I had just gone home. Complications of Volar Locking Plates for Distal Radius Fractures: Experience of a District General Hospital. -- Britannica O...

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  1. I found out later that the "locking" screw that had loosened was actually coming in contact with the ulnar nerve. That's why it was so painful.