Saturday, September 26, 2009

Before you read the following posts...

Before you read the next 3 posts I want to tell you this. I have all the x rays to prove my point. ( I am going to try to scan them here as well.) I have the x rays from the hospital where this surgery was performed, I have them from Dr. M's office and I have them from another Dr.'s office. I have the correspondence from Dr. M showing how he dismissed my concerns and concealed the effects and after effects of this surgery. He also concealed the fact that he was going to force me to have general anesthesia. Here is an article claiming superior results with a nerve block instead of general anesthesia. A nerve block with pain medication was exactly what I gave permission for. journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology -Regional block best for distal radius repair He even claims to have no idea what Versed is although he fully expected me to have amnesia about the event and to be able to lie about what really happened. All documented. I have the citations from the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare. These are a matter of public record. I have all the laws about informed consent at my fingertips, and you can find many of them here on this site! Nothing that I have said is untrue. Everything that I have said is provable. I am not doing this maliciously, but as a public service. Nobody should get the surprise of their life like I did. Even murderers deserve better than what I got.

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