Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nurse Jill's role

If you are under the impression that the OR nurses are on your side, think again. My nurse Jill, listened to my litany about prior surgeries, heard my demands for a NERVE BLOCK ONLY, heard me say repeatedly that they were NOT to give me either incapacitating drugs, or any general anesthetic. She heard me warn the smirking CRNA that he would not be happy when I woke up if he tried any funny business. Jill heard the CRNA describe Versed, excuse me "Vitamin V" as simply a muscle relaxant. Did she warn me that he was pulling a fast one? Did she describe amnesia or forced cooperation? Hell no. This individual Jill, went right on ahead and squirted 2 mls of this poison into my IV knowing full well she was in violation of every single patient rights law, not to mention that what she was doing was unethical. Jill didn't give a rat's patooty about my rights. This is the same Jill who tricked me into signing a "surgical consent" by pretending it was just a blood transfusion consent. She was pretty pleased with herself when she snatched the blood products consent away from me. That's right, she nearly ripped it out of my hands. She happily announced that I had signed in the wrong place, but didn't give it back. When I looked at it months later I saw that SHE, JILL, had made a little star mark for me to SIGN IN THE WRONG PLACE! What kind of people work in medical centers these days? She also signed that she had witnessed "THE CONSENT." What she witnessed was me singing the document in the wrong place at her direction. This is just fine with everybody. Business as usual. They know what's best. Most people love Versed. Most people are happy to wake up and find it's all over. Well, JILL, this attitude went out of favor in the 1960's. I realize that you are too young to remember all this, but don't they teach you anything in nursing school?

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