Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't let a Dr. con you into this surgery!

This is the exact volar plate and screws that were in my arm. This is a nearly exact duplication of what Dr. M's x rays show and that he considers "good placement." Please note the long gold screw that sticks out into my wrist joint! This screw, which Dr. M thinks was just fine was actually rupturing the tendons, just sawing them in half. It felt like a cheese grater in there and ever time I tried to get my wrist to move, it just swelled up! This screw also interfered with my range of motion in my wrist. You can also see the "locking" screw at the bottom. See that blue one sticking out? Nobody warned me that a "locking" screw would "migrate" out of the bone. That's a crock, but one of the lies I was told. If this is business as usual, then why wasn't all of this explained to me, as required by informed consent laws? I wasn't even allowed to know where the incision was to be. Slashing through the underside of my wrist would have alarmed me and made me refuse this surgery. NEVER ALLOW THEM TO PERFORM THIS SURGERY!!! This surgery is too intricate and I would bet that most Dr.s performing this are incompetant to do this without all these side effects. My Dr. swore that I would never work again unless I had this surgery. Well guess what Dr.? I won't ever work at that kind of job again BECAUSE OF this surgery. ScienceDirect - Injury Extra : Late rupture of flexor pollicis longus tendon after volar distal radius plating: A case report...

Here is a video about my exact surgery from the manufacturers of the exact device implanted into my wrist. Please note the things to be careful about...YouTube - Volar Plating Distal Radius

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