Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Could I have PTSD from a hospital stay?

This article is from CNN News.Could I have PTSD from a hospital stay? - CNN.com It was sent to me by a Versed sufferer, thanks Linda! Tim from www.versedbusters.blogspot.com says "Notice the doc says"...you were violated in a moment of utter vulnerability in a way that provided no warning. This is a classic recipe for the developement of PTSD symptoms."

Tim correctly seized on the most germane sentence in the article. No wonder we have PTSD-like symptoms. You medical people violate your patients on a regular basis, by unexpectedly turning your patients into compliant zombies with the amnesia (hoped for anyway) drug Versed/Midazolam. We ARE "utterly vulnerable" while under your care. Especially if you hve knocked us silly with Versed. You are providing "no warning" before you inject us with this drug. Not to mention our treatment subsequent to administration of the amnesia drug whether it works or not. When we complain about it we are verbally attacked.

What you are doing is wrong, people, and it is having long term effects on your poor patients. By your non disclosure of your patient control and amnesia drug, Versed, you are creating "...a classic recipe for the developement (sic) of PTSD symptoms." Yet you insist that Versed is SAFE, and you discount us as "tin foil hat" people when we develop PTSD as a result of your ministrations!

The behavior exhibited by the tube changing nurse smacks of the standard of care for people under the influence of Versed. You people are incorrectly ASSUMING that the patient has amnesia and doesn't require even a modicum of care. I have first hand knowledge of how quickly the smarmy polite attitude of health care givers changes once the patient is presumed to have amnesia and it isn't nice. I was there and you guys are truly UGLY, just like the e-mails I get that you would NEVER say to my face!

Nobody would ever consent to the sloppiness of care exhibited by my crew. (or this patient from the article) The only way to prevent this is to stay cognizant the entire time, or at least until the ga is administered. Health care providers; there have been studies which seem to show that if the conversation in the OR is alarming enough to patients they retain some form of memory of it, EVEN UNDER G/A! You are not safe saying crude things about the patient even if you think that they can't possibly remember, doing things to the patient that you would NEVER do if you thought that they could remember and identify you! We simply must have actual caring people and not bullies intent on imposing their will on the luckless patient.

No more fake "informed consent." No more phony people pretending to be caring. No more amnesia and obedience through forced drugging. You know who you are and/or you know who is guilty of this kind of evil. We go to you for HELP, not an assault, verbal and physical!

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