Monday, April 12, 2010

Medical Worker Says GFY

This is reprinted with permission from Tim won't allow this kind of comment to remain on his blog because he thinks it doesn't add to civil discourse. However, this comment illuminates the workings of the health care workers' little minds. I proudly present this comment here!
Drew has left a new comment on the post "Introduction":

Yeah I agree with everyone here! Doctors are terrible people and the world doesn't need them!

Thanks for making the sweeping generalizations you jackasses.

Versed does not give everyone a bad experience, in fact, it's quite the contrary for most people. Being informed of the medication you are getting is always good: but complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous. "Like being molested as a child"... don't even TRY to compare having Versed used on you to being molested as a child. That is ridiculous, and you are a moron. Period. The fact of the matter is if you are having a procedure done that involves general anesthesia (any major surgery) you aren't going to remember the procedure anyway so the complaint by Kirt on the main page is not only whiney, but utterly pointless because the experience would have been the same had he just been completely himself for the part of the General Anesthetic where you get a tube rammed down your throat.

There is no informative information on this site, just stupid whining and fear-mongering.

"Forced on patients"

Give me a fucking break. Kill yourselves. Out of the gene pool.

Where to start with this one... Let's start with the statement at the end of "Drew's" rant. Here is THE BEST EXAMPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN ABOUT HOW OUR HEALTH CARE WORKERS VIEW US!!! Here is his statement again; "Give me a fucking break. Kill yourselves. Out of the gene pool." You the patient demand that your rights as enumerated in the laws of this land as it pertains to medical treatment, (full disclosure and the right to refuse any or all of the proposed "theraputic" procedures) you object to a particular drug, and this wonderboy wants you dead. This is the person in charge of making sure that you are SAFE and he wants you DEAD if you give him any lip. Also please note his highly educated languge... "fucking" break! How original. Were you a truck driver before or what? (Sorry for insulting truck drivers.)
Let's not leave out that we are "jackasses" and "morons." I guess that since we are just patients, that we are necessarily jackasses and morons for taking exception to Versed and the cavalier disregard for our wishes AND THE LAW! Funny that I have never seen another drug which causes the people who push it to go berserk. This is an example of that. You medical types must be so proud. This makes you look GOOD doesn't it?
As for "sweeping generalizations." Drew is a master of the sweeping generalization! "Versed does not give everyone a bad experience, in fact, quite the contrary for most people." I don't think so! This statement is a "sweeping generalization." We already know that Versed is fine for many people, however "most people" is a stretch. "Most people" do not want amnesia. Just ask them! As for the "Doctors are terrible people and the world doesn't need them." None of us have said that. That little piece of hyperbole is all in YOUR mind, honey. Are you paranoid or what? (That statement is a "sweeping generalization" on your part as well.)
Moving on, we are all idiots and unworthy of "informed consent." Never mind that the law clearly states that we are to be INFORMED before proceeding! It's the law! What part of this does this man not get? Here's his statement again; "Being informed of the medication you are getting is always good: but complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous." No cupcake, "being informed of the medication you are getting is" NOT "always good." It is REQUIRED BY LAW! This information is not optional! Can you grasp that concept?
As for the second part of the statement, "complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous," if you had followed the law, we would not be surprised by memory loss. This is not ridiculous. Nobody except drunks are sanguine about memory loss, the potential for humiliating ourselves, the potential for abuse etc. is huge. Drew, do you really think that ANY SANE PERSON should trust you with their amnestic, obedient selves after reading your statement? How "ridiculous" is that? Furthermore I am TOTALLY p'o'd about being forced into obedience and having every single thing which I had forbidden done to me for NO REASON other than the convenience of the staff! There is a LAW about doing anything like this for staff convenience. That law is on this web site! Sooo do you know the law as it pertains to you Mr. Go Kill Yourselves?
Also, once again, one of our allegedly highly skilled hospital personnel can't grasp the difference between "amnestic" and "unconscious." These 2 terms are not interchangeable. There are verifiable changes in brain function when a patient is unconscious vs. having amnesia. With Versed, the brain function remains almost the same as when the person has not been doped. That is why these new machines can't be used to determine the depth of AMNESIA! It doesn't work.
I remember the tube being rammed down my throat you idiot! It was not pleasant. You have no "fucking" way of knowing whether somebody has amnesia or not you "moron." (Using the same truck driving language which Drew demonstrates.) I said NO to general anesthetic you braying "jackass." They should not have "RAMMED" a tube down my throat in the first place. I love your terminology "you get a tube rammed down your throat." How kind and careful. I imagine most patients would be concerned about somebody like this man Drew RAMMING tubes down their throat! Wow, this inspires trust and confidence in the medical "professionals."
Last but not least, Drew, sweety, you prove my point about uncaring, aggressive, arrogant, psychotic people in the health care field. So our alleged "sweeping generalizations" are not that far off the mark are they? You demonstrate exactly WHY we feel the way we do about you people. I have plenty of information and proof on this site that this drug Versed WAS "forced" on me as was the general anesthetic. LOTS of other patients are complaining about the same thing. I have the LAW pertaining to this sort of behavior here too. We are not just "whining and fear mongering." Anybody who is NOT afraid after reading your illuminating post has a problem!

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  1. "Kill yourselves" ??? I am so horrified that a "doctor" would say this to any patient, I don't even know how to respond ! And we're supposed to trust someone like this with our lives ???? I was actually hoping that the medical profession just didn't KNOW about problems with Versed, and now I KNOW they just don't care !