Monday, April 12, 2010

From the "Comments" Medical Worker Thinks We Need "Gunsmoke"

"I'm glad you've got the problems with health care figured out. So go back to the old "Gunsmoke" days and have ole Doc have you bite on a leather strap while he pours some Redeye on you wound to sterilize it. He'll then have you lay on your kitchen table and dig out the bullet you shot yourself in the foot with. Saves a lot of health care money. And you'd probably die from infection. Good luck suing for getting what you asked for. "
Oooh temper temper! I don't have ALL "the problems with health care figured out," but this is a prime example of what a big part of the problem is! If the patient objects to being treated as sub human by sub standard employees, the answer is "...go back to the old 'Gunsmoke' days." I am not asking for Redeye instead of Keflex you moron! I am not asking for a leather strap to bite, I want pain killers and Morphine works just fine for me. What is the matter with you? That's the choice? "Let me do whatever I want to you with Versed or I will personally attack you?" You don't see anything wrong with deliberately and maliciously flouting patient wishes and this is your alternative? How very helpful. You just shot your own self in the foot didn't you!
On another of your "points" did it ever occur to you that it would save a lot of "health care money" if you quit shooting up unsuspecting patients with your control drug Versed? Thousands of dollars PER PROCEDURE!!! Versed is NOT necessary for any procedure. YOU may feel its necessary for your own selfish reasons, but most patients don't find it necessary.
I would have died from my HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTION Hospital-Acquired Infections, MRSA, Killed 48,000 Americans In One Year if they didn't have sulpha drugs. You guys can't be bothered to wash your hands after all these years of KNOWING how infection is spread? Back in the "Gunsmoke" days they didn't know how infection is spread. What's your excuse? Not to mention that if this surgery had been performed the way *I* wanted it, I wouldn't have had your dirty hands on me and wouldn't have been infected. I have documentation elsewhere on this blog about how to get the best results from my particular surgery and it ISN'T general anesthetic.
"Good luck suing for getting what you asked for." I didn't ask for any of this. In fact I was adamantly opposed to sedation drugs OR general anesthetic. Lazy, hostile health care workers with the compassion of a flea and a propensity for disobeying the law did this to me against my will and very verbal expressed wishes. Thank you for your comment. It is very enlightening.

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