Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reader Comment about The "Jerk" From Versedbusters

Dear Jackie,
I can't believe the carelessness of the jerk. When will these people understand that we have a right to determine what happens to our bodies. When will the law be inforced? This guy needs to understand that the law was made to prevent unwanted touch (battery, rape) whatever the term you prefer. Like it or not the law does equate it to rape and OH Yea hmm let me see isn't rape against the law? What about molestation? Is that the same as Rape? Only a moron cannot see the similarities. For his information just because it is not sexual it is still violating because we all have the right to decide how and when we will be touched in anyway. Including a pat on the back. Therapist are taught the simple polite thing to do is ask before touching maybe he should try this instead of bullying his way through people. I would like to say that I too was given versed without consent. In fact I was told I was getting morphine. There is an example of a bald face lie. Also I don't have short term amnesia you jerk. I have had and continue to have memory problems three years later. Not to mention PTSD and there is evidence based studies that prove versed causes long term problems. Perhaps this shining example would like to look them up. Jackie feel free if you so desire to put these comments up on your site. I too will be proud to let health care (non professionals) know we will not tolerate there brutality.

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