Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Comment" from Brad's blog

Get over it

Wow am I sick and tired of you people. You decide you need help, you consent to treatment and demand drugs to help you then question the manner in which we provide you help. Patients are given Versed BECAUSE IT'S THE SAFEST INDUCTION AGENT for them. If you were given Dip instead you would need to be intubated and on a vent, but I suppose you would complain about a sore throat or raspy voice then. the truth of the matter is all patients need something to complain about. Even with a 5 star rating on a survey there's always the line "the only thing that I didn't like was...". Get over yourself and realize that you didn't want the anxiety, you didn't want to remember the procedure, and you didn't want to be aware under anasthesia. Why don't you look up anasthesia awareness in between your complaint sessions and understand that with the right drug (Versed) you'll never be aware or at least not remember it. You want to talk dangerous drugs? APAP is absolutely terrible and according to a FDA report looking at the years 1990 to 2001: 26,000 people are hospitalized and 458 die each year from acetaminophen overdoses. It is the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Now chew on that and GFY.

Here is another enlightening post from Brad's blog on Versed used as a vehicle for torture. Once again this person begins with some erroneous ASSUMPTIONS. They assume that we "consented" to Versed, they assume that we "demanded drugs," assume that we had "anxiety," assumes that we "didn't want to remember the procedure,"and finally this person assumes that only Versed can prevent "anesthesia awareness." This person also claims that Versed is the "safest induction agent." Then this cretin actually makes a comparison to acetaminophen poisoning to prove some kind of point? Doctors and hospitals are the 3rd leading cause of death in this country and he is going to point to an aspirin substitute to prove a point about the safety of Versed?

I like his/her last statement. We patients object to Versed, especially when used for the convenience of the staff and for frivolous reasons. We object to the lack of "informed consent" for this drug. We have a problem with PTSD, anxiety, rage, insomnia etc. following the injection of this poison and this sympathetic person says; "Now chew on that and GFY." "Go Fuck Yourself" is what the acronym stands for. Isn't that special. Every single one of this idiots assertions are totally false. But we are the bad guys.

Also I keep pointing out "anesthesia awareness" has nothing to do with Versed induced amnesia. Anesthesia awareness is when your CRNA/anesthesiologist screws up your knock out drugs. This post is somewhat confusing in that first they point out that Versed is "the safest induction agent for them." This presumes that the person is going to have general anesthesia. With general anesthesia you are going to have that "tube rammed down your throat" as shown in another comment on this blog. So why then are we discussing Diprovan leading to intubation? Doesn't this seem to indicate that if you have Versed before you are put out, that you WON'T get a tube rammed down your throat? HUH? So, this person gives Versed so that you (hopefully) won't remember your "anesthesia awareness" brought on by their complete lack of skill?

"Wow I am sick and tired of you people" is the line I am going to use to describe my feelings toward this person and all the rest of you medical people who treat us to this kind of vitriol SIMPLY BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE YOUR STINKIN' VERSED! "Now Chew on that and GFY" you delusional drug pushers! (How do you like YOUR OWN attitude coming back at you?)

This whole Versed thing just amazes me! I have never had this problem refusing Demerol! Nobody cares, if I don't want it, I don't get it, no problem. I can't believe how incredibly nasty the comments are when we complain about very real problems with this drug Versed. You medical people know full well that this drug is BAD for lots of patients, yet you attack US because we don't like it! You use it against our will, in an unlawful manner, for made up excuses and if we take exception to it in any way, or criticize Versed's use, misuse and/or severe side effects we are treated to this kind of comment.

Medical people; accept the truth that Versed is a very bad drug for many of us. Accept the truth that you (some of you) are using this for selfish reasons which have nothing to do with patient safety and/or comfort. Accept the truth that you (some of you) are willfully injecting us with Versed in violation of "informed consent" laws. For you good guys that this does not apply to; where are your voices defending the patient against this kind of assault? Where is your outrage? To use a trite phrase "one bad apple spoils the whole barrel." Why are you not speaking out about the abuse of patients with Versed and while under the effects of Versed? Where are YOUR comments on this blog?

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