Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Empowered Patient Coalition

Here is an interesting outfit.  They have done research into patient harm.  The pie charts are eye-popping.  (If anybody doesn't know by now that iatrogenic harm is the third leading CAUSE of death can read about it here: Hospital Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.    New Hospital Safety Scores Show Improvements Are Too Slow  and here:  Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death)

Here is the link to The Empowered Patient Coalition:   View Reporting Data -

I took the liberty of excerpting some of their data.  The items below are from The Empowered Patient Coalition and are used to encourage people to go to their site and read the rest of the statistics.  (In the very first Pie chart I had the first, the second, the third the fourth and the fifth adverse events in a single encounter.  The rest are just as significant.  Look at the chart asking how the facility responded.  (4th down)  You can see the prevalence of cya machinations.  Right up until yesterday I am still getting denials from the medical treatment center I went to claiming that there was nothing at all wrong with the way I was treated and what happened to me while in their care.  BTW NONE of the respondents is me.  If I had reported to The Empowered Patient Coalition, the stats would be even worse.


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