Sunday, April 5, 2015

Stirred the Hornets Nest

Apparently people still don't like it when they get called on the carpet for assaulting people with Versed.  For all you people who feel that I will respond kindly to threats and intimidation, are you really that crazy?  It is precisely that attitude which originally caused me harm.  The name calling and threats are juvenile.

For the doctor who wrote me recently, you have it wrong, but you already know that.  Part of the reason it is so hard to get any kind of justice for medical problems is because of tort reform.  I am actively speaking out against it.  It costs too much to get redress for our harm.  I have gone into this at length elsewhere on the blog.  The FACT that there was no informed consent for what was done to me is irrefutable.  The hospital was CITED for it.  I did NOT give permission in any way, shape or form for what was done to me.  I am the INJURED party and I'm angry about it.  You guys KNEW that I didn't have the money to fight you, so you treated me with utter disdain.  I have explained the details of my lawsuit on this blog.  I have the x-rays on this blog.  I have the actual alleged "informed" consent on this blog.  The exact one that the hospital was cited for.  Yes it is hard to prove things in a court of law, but you know what?  I have real doctors who are more than happy to testify on my behalf.  They just aren't "expert witness" doctors.  Yet you want to pretend that I was wrong or a liar?  Nice try.  You (apparently) and *I* both know what happened to me in that hellish place.  It was against the law.  Pretending that it was anything other than a complete disregard for the law is sophomoric.  Reorganizing what happened to me and making false statements about material facts is also kind of strange.  As far as "getting help" do you know how many times aggrieved people who don't deal with criticism well have told me that?  Me neither.  Too many times to count.  So you think that you (non specific you) should be allowed to cause PTSD with your treatment of patients and then cavalierly dismiss them by saying "get help"?  Is that your answer?  Let me ask you this...IF everything I say is a big fat lie, why am I so angry?  What made me this angry if everything was PERFECT?  Hmmm?  Make sense to you doc?  I have had a few more encounters with health "care" since then.  Funny how when I relate good experiences the hornets come out.

(added later:  I looked on line to see if the anesthesiologist involved had moved.  He hasn't.  I looked to see if the crna involved had suddenly become an anesthesiologist, he hadn't.  So whomever tried to comment, claiming that he/she knew everything that had happened in my case is, what shall I say, lying.)

Anyway, here's the deal.  I don't have to print ANY of the comments.  I find it amusing that people come here and berate me, swear at me, try to take me down a peg or two, denigrate me, insult my intelligence, lie about what happened to me and all the rest.  Like I care about that.  The worst they could do is done.  I will never, EVER allow a nurse to perform any kind of anesthesia on me again.  Ditto for Versed.  I am in charge of what goes on.  Freedom of speech and all that.  The crna's, well, if I didn't have proof of their hostility, maybe I would be more concerned with their little feelings.  Oh yeah, and I specify that Aaron isn't allowed in the room with me or my family.  BY NAME.  THE FULL NAME.  I have that right.

Just so everybody knows, "anonymous" still allows me to grab your IP address.  If the threats get to the point that I decide you are a danger to me, you WILL hear from me.  Think about that...  I already had to track a nurse to Texas and warn this person, who isn't even a crna, that I know who he is, where he was and where he worked.  Can you imagine an advanced practice nurse sending me threatening hate mail FROM WORK!  He has an I-pad and apparently too much idle time on the job.  Yes you can be tracked that easily and reliably across the Internet.

(added later: I don't mind if you anesthesia types need to vent and take your frustrations out on me.  I'm an easy target.  Believe me, I know that.  The only reason to ferret you out is if you make actual threats of any kind, beating me up, threatening my family, lawsuits etc.  If you make credible threats and/or not so credible threats I treat them as such.  It is in my best interest for me to find out how serious the threat is.  That means I have to figure out where you are, who you are and the level of danger you present.  Just verballing me, name calling and insults don't rise to that level.  You are safe from me having you tracked and identified.  Just be careful about any actual threats of harm and you can call me every name in the book.  I really don't care.  If your comment is really, REALLY nasty I like to put those up along with my commentary because it proves my point.  Everybody needs to know what kind of people they are dealing with in a medical setting, don't you think?  I think of it as a public service.)

One more point.  Please do not write and ask me what anesthesia I would use for surgeries.  That's your job.  Of course I see the point.  You guys are trying to pretend that Versed is NECESSARY for surgery.  It certainly is not.  How silly.  I've had so many anesthesia people ask me what *I* would use for surgery it's mind boggling.  What are you trying to prove by asking stupid questions?  DON'T USE VERSED.  If you are using Versed as anesthesia for gall bladder surgery etc. you are out of your mind!  Who would want that?  I have heard that some institutions use Versed because they want the "stimulation" IE pain, to keep the patients blood pressure up.  (a whistleblower doctor told me that) I also wouldn't use Ketamine, especially in conjunction with Versed.  I've read the stories, don't bother to deny this.  I don't want propofol either or any of the other drugs designed, not to minimize pain, but to short circuit the brain by creating amnesia.  For God's sake don't use sevo on me or anybody like me.  My crna did that.  What do you do with patients with a history of paradoxical reactions, wild awakenings and difficulty anesthetizing them?  Use sevo?  Jeez do I have to educate all of you?  Apparently so or there wouldn't be SO MANY of you writing to ask me what to use for different kinds of surgery.  Trying to conflate amnesia with being unconscious is another no go.  The absurdity of trying to pretend that awake and aware, suffering from pain, begging for the procedure to stop, all the while with the team laughingly telling each other that this kind of suffering doesn't matter because of an unpredictable amnesia drug, is somehow comparable to being unconscious or asleep is abhorrent.  It really is.


  1. Any doctor will tell you getting blackout drunk, is bad for the brain.

    Why is it so hard for doctors to admit that a drug that causes blackouts and retrograde amnesia, could be bad for the brain and cause problems?

    Also, PTSD is physical disease that affects the same area of the brain as midazolam. To assume it has no affect on ptsd symptoms, is ridiculous.

  2. Thank you anonymous. How refreshing to get you comment instead of a vitriolic hate filled diatibe. Thanks again.