Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Vitriolic Comment Attempt

As I have written numerous times, I post what I want to.  I have an O-P-I-N-I-O-N about the state of medical care today and the abuse of a very bad drug called Versed/Midazolam.  I have warned many times that I do most definitely pick and choose particularly vile posts to show what medical workers think of us.  That's just how I want to do it.  I don't care what a control freak wants me to do here.  In this place medical workers are not in charge.  I continuously encourage the anti-social rantings from medical workers.  Why is that?  Don't think for one minute that I actually enjoy being attacked verbally!  It's so that I can show, without any question, the thought processes of certain medical workers, in particular those who claim to be anesthesia nurses.  Aside from the money, there are other reasons why somebody might want to work in anesthesia.  I like to point them out.  Here is a recent HATE comment from a wonderful, caring medical worker. (cough)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Heart Cath and Amnesia":

"Along with elderly, substance abusers, and people with preexisting mental issues, patients receiving cardiac procedures are the number ONE patient class to suffer POCD. Please do your research properly before opening mouth and inserting foot. Also, myself and others have noted that you FAIL to put entire posts that include researched data, but rather only post exerts that you can use to further your slander. Why not show the public EVERYTHING if you are so honest? Please, just take your medication."

I want you to know the absolute disregard for the patient and for the patients brain function from this "sympathetic" person.  The very first sentence says it all...  You may infer from this comment that ONLY the "elderly, substance abusers, and people with preexisting mental issues" suffer from POCD.  Does that make sense to you?  POCD "post operative cognitive dysfunction" ISN'T caused by the drugs used in the surgery?  Really?  (heavy sarcasm)  Oh it's those people who are SUBSTANDARD IN SOME WAY that suffer from the side effects of the drugs used in surgery.  That's right boys and girls, it isn't the fault of the drugs, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!  If you weren't such an inferior creature you wouldn't have POCD!  If you have a bad reaction to Versed, then it's your own fault.  It is never EVER the fault of the Versed, nor is it the fault of the idiot who gave Versed to a person whom they suspect might be a candidate for POCD.  So if you seem normal to the anesthesia person you will get Versed and if you AREN'T normal you will get Versed because, what the hell, if the patients gets POCD from their administration of Versed, then it's a matter of supreme indifference at best or comments such as the above at worst.

The "research" I have done, combined with my own experience with Versed is called into question by this commenter as well.  Here's the deal.  This person exemplifies why their own idea of "research" is flawed.  Look at how they try to deny that Versed is causing problems.  It's so transparent.  Versed is the main culprit in this.  Medical workers are in denial.  It's the ABV (anything but Versed) syndrome I have written about.  Why would I trust ANY so-called "research" done by medical workers who so LOVE this poison called Versed that they will actually blame the victim instead of the poison?  After ADMITTING that post operative cognitive dysfunction is a problem, they then go on to blame US for it.  How about not using a drug known to cause POCD no matter how narrowly defined their little explanation of why this is so?  Is that too hard to do?

Why is the incidence of POCD so high with heart patients?  I'm not drawing a correlation from this comment.  Are they saying that POCD is OK because these are old people (one of the "flaws" in patients which causes POCD because, apparently, Versed doesn't cause this) and they are already substandard due to age?  That makes it OK?  Actually it looks like older people are at risk from Versed, according to our esteemed medical worker and maybe should NEVER be given it.  I still am not sure why this medical worker tried to insult me over this.  It's TRUE people are getting POCD from heart surgery.  (and everything else where Versed is featured) What difference does it make to point out that people with heart problems are the number one group of patients at risk for POCD?  Does that number make any difference whatsoever to what I wrote about or the people who commented on askapatient?  Does that make it OK to go ahead and create POCD with Versed, just because they are already at risk for it?  Talk about cya!  Research has shown that Versed is a major player in developing POCD and dementia in the hospital.  There is no denying it.  The facts are the facts.

As far as slander?  I have your post here slandering me, now don't I?  Let's see, implying that I am a substance abuser, alcoholic, have preexisting mental issues and am on medication for same isn't slander?

Oddly this person is conflating POCD and the effects of Versed as if they are one and the same.  OK, so POCD IS something that Versed creates or causes?  I've been saying that for a long time, but it appears that this person is agreeing with me.  Or are they trying to pretend that something ELSE is at work here...  It's the Versed.  I was the Versed in my case and judging by the sheer numbers of people who have had a bad experience with Versed, it was the Versed in their case as well.  It's a mental disorder, in my opinion, to come on this blog and attack, insult, threaten and deny.  What is the commenter hoping to accomplish?  Their very own words prove my point and condemn themselves.

Why don't MEDICAL WORKERS THEMSELVES show us all that research that shows that Versed is detrimental to our health?  They want me to show slanted "happy clouds" "research" that somehow "proves" that Versed is a "good" drug".  Wow.  Really? What's the name of this blog?  That's right: NO Midazolam.


  1. I am very confused. I found your blog interesting, and i'm not a medical person. But I can't find anything documented about problems with midazolam except what some individuals wrote like you. Can't find any science articles about it. I did see things about memory but only in already sick people. And it seems that so many different drugs are given before and during surgery how can you say it was this drug? It looks like all the stuff can affect memory. I'm not giving my name cause I do't want you to write something nasty about me cause I don't agree. I just can't find anything. Where did you get for info from?

  2. First off, anonymous, I don't believe you are just some person who randomly came here to nomidazolam. If you had read this blog, you would see that there are MANY medical studies which have been reproduced here that show that indeed Midazolam is the cause of the problems I describe. It isn't just "individuals" as you try to claim. It "seems" that there are "so many different drugs given before and during surgery" is the exact same attempt to deny the problems with Versed that I see from medical people all the time. That's part of the denial process. It may surprise you to know that a huge number of people are simply given the amnesia drug instead of proper pain relief...without all those other drugs you speak of. Look around and see how many people are writing about FENTANYL or any of the anti-emetic drugs causing severe problems. So on top of the well documented (I'm surprised you can't find anything because this blog has lots of scientific studies) problems with Versed, the anecdotal evidence from people who have received Versed etc. You want MORE PROOF? This doesn't make any sense. As far as pretending that being KNOCKED OUT is the same as having amnesia, this is also a ploy used by medical people. As is the term "memory loss" instead of the word amnesia. You CAN find the information you want right here on nomidazolam. It's not just me as you are pretending. I have also talked about how much medical people love this drug and will not hear a word against it, as shown by the comments. The studies and anecdotal evidence that Versed is bad are hidden and denied, like you are trying to do, because Versed makes thier job so much easier and more entertaining. Versed is a bad drug. Go ahead and let them use it on you! Obvioulsy you would rather believe medical people than scientific studies and the real life experiences of patients who have no reason to object to the drug. Do you think we have all arbitrarily picked out a drug from among many (as you pretend) to object to? Tell my why that would happen if we are just making it up, or it was a different drug?

  3. I would like to address the "haters" who are sending you emails.
    The writer of this blog is definitely not alone in her negative opinion of the
    drug Versed. She is just more vocal and better able to articulate her
    feelings than some of us. Her anger over her ordeal is not unique either.
    I definitely match her there ! What some of you fail to understand is that
    when a person has a bad experience with Versed, it is often very, very bad.
    I cannot for the life of me understand why the medical community as a whole
    refuses to acknowledge us. Can't you see how this adds insult to injury ?
    And how it causes us to lose trust in your profession ?

  4. I think it's particularly disgusting that the person sending you this complaint seems to dismiss "the elderly, substance abusers, and those with preexisting mental issues" as people who it is A-OK to cause dysfunction in. Like it's just a casual side effect of the medical profession, ruining people's lives, instead of taking precautions so to NOT harm people. As someone with preexisting mental "issues", as this person so politely (and scientifically!) put it, I'm sick and tired of the dehumanization I receive from many doctors. Yes, I used to be depressed, anxious, and anorexic. No, I'm not less worthy of fair treatment. In fact, mental health conditions have repeatedly been shown on MRIs to physically impair brain function - fear centers receive too much blood flow in anxious patients, depressed patients don't get enough of many different neuro chemicals. Which is a physical, medical problem. This trend of treating issues located in the brain as a patient's own fault is disgusting, especially since it's been disproven so many times over. As for the elderly and substance abusers, they don't deserve to have lasting mental damage, either. The elderly?! You're just going to poison the old folks because they're dying anyway?! And substance abusers? I understand that many substance abusers made some poor choices, but that does not give you the right to make a poor choice for them. Doctors' god complexes are one of the biggest threats to quality medical care.
    And let's not forget that the doctors who write in LOVE to tell you that you don't have any outstanding research, only anecdotal accounts, so it doesn't matter. Since when do anecdotal accounts not matter? If as many as 10% of patients, as quoted by many nurses, have horrific reactions to Versed, you shouldn't need a study to rethink your use of it. In fact, the horrible anecdotal accounts should make you WANT to conduct an official study, so that there ARE real numbers on this. By official study with real numbers, I mean a study that was in no way funded by the companies that sell midazolam, and done on a random sample of people and doctors. Studies that are blatantly biased do not count.
    There is no patient-benifiting need to use an amnesic when you could just use enough pain medication. You can't get around that. If you're hung up on making patients less anxious, may I introduce you to the other Benzos? The only incentive to use an amnesic is so that patients will not remember mistreatment. The reason why this is blowing up in your faces is because 10% of patients DO remember how you've treated them. That's why you're so defensive, that's why doctors are always so defensive, you don't want to be called out on what we both know you do.
    To the blog owner - thank you. Not just for speaking out against Versed, but for making public the horrible responses you receive from doctors and nurses. I guess they don't realize that they're really just fueling your fire. Your blog is very important, although I don't know how well known it is, and the years of dedication are admirable. I suspect we're on opposite ends of the political spectrum, just from a few of your posts, but I could care less. This is less of a political issue and more of a human rights issue. Every single person needs to know about the drugs they are being given. Informed consent is the only real consent - uninformed consent is NOT CONSENT. Drugged consent is NOT CONSENT. Manipulated and/or coerced consent is NOT CONSENT. Everyone who is aware of this medical malpractice, regardless of political view, economic status, whether they've been personally harmed by Versed or not - everyone needs to be aware of what is going on. I think that if people knew, many more would be alarmed. Thank you for speaking out.