Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stop Saying "Memory Loss"

I'm so sick of medical workers calling things by some kind of gentle euphemism I could scream.  The favored one is "memory loss".  The real word is AMNESIA.  Memory loss sounds more palatable because it really doesn't describe what Versed does.  Memory loss sounds innocuous, especially when they proclaim that you might not remember the procedure or even claim that you will be asleep.  NO boys and girls you will have AMNESIA.  You will be awake and aware, suffering and screaming, but you will have AMNESIA of the event and lots of other time as well.  Your brain will be short circuited like Alzheimer's does.  Damaged by the drug Versed.  You really think that a poison which acts upon the brain, selectively like this, is benign and without the possibility of permanent problems?

When they say the drug will "relax" you, it isn't relaxing at all, like you would think of relaxing.  Your muscle control will be knocked out, but you will be wide awake inside a body which is flaccid.  You will not be able to do anything but weakly struggle and scream if the pain becomes too great.  Who cares about this if that very same drug scrambles your brain and causes AMNESIA (not possible memory loss)  Of course the medical minions have NO WAY OF KNOWING if you have amnesia or not.  Why is that?  Because you are not asleep, nor are you unconscious.  You are still acting like you are awake and alert.  So even if you really ARE awake and alert, cognizant of the pain and torture, they can't tell the difference.  If your muscle control is negated with Versed and you are lying there basically paralysed by Versed, how will they know that you are still wide awake, without that "memory loss" and suffering?  They can't tell.  My own crna claimed that I was "very relaxed" during the time that I wanted to murder him.  Thinking of murdering somebody but being unable to respond isn't relaxing.  I was FURIOUS, not relaxed.  The Versed kept me from properly reacting to the threat and forced me to lie there seething.

This is such a bad drug it should be banned.  All this talk about preventing anesthesia awareness by using a drug like this is ludicrous.  They don't give a damn if you have awareness with Versed!  They will just tell you, "Oh well, everybody reacts differently to anesthesia.  We are sorry YOU are UPSET."   The implication being that YOU are the problem and really have no right to be upset.  The medical minions have become so hardened and callous by using this torture drug, that they just don't care.  It amazes me that they get away with this.  Versed is given for the benefit of an uncaring medical behemoth.  They do not care about the horror of this drug, they don't care about the torture and they DON'T CARE about the long term problems with their drug of choice.

All of the actions of the torture committee are designed to be hidden with their little "memory loss" drug.  Stop saying that!  Be honest about this drug and the reasons you use it.  It's chemical AMNESIA!  Say the word.

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